Pradeep Aggarwal\'s Workshop on Hypnotic Language of Success !

Pradeep Aggarwal\'s Workshop on Hypnotic Language of Success !


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About The Event



Would you like to be able to clear all your negative emotions and limiting beliefs to make space for success?


Would you like to be able to access high-energy states to open up vast internal resources and connect with an abundant universe?


Would you like to increase your communication with yourself and others to the extent that you get all of your needs met easily and efficiently?

Do You Find Yourself In Any of These Following Situations?

ü Do you find yourself depressed and negative most of the time? [Consistently staying depressed and negative causes health problems.]

ü Do you criticize yourself quite often on any big or small thing?

ü Do you blame yourself for whatever wrong happens in your as well as others life?

ü Do you try hard to achieve your targets but in vain?

ü Do you restrict your capabilities in your own eyes as well in the eyes of others?

 Do Words Really Have Power?

Indeed YES!

Of course, words have power in them. You would be surprised to know that the kinds of words you use have tremendous impact on your nature and character. Around 20% of the words we use daily have strong emotional undertones, having either a positive or negative effect on us.

Did you know that -

ü  The difference between winners and victims is the difference between their language and the words they use? [Winners use positive words that give positive meaning to their experiences and direct their focus towards achieving their goals, whereas victims use words that gives negative meaning to their experiences and directs their focus towards problems and difficulties.]

ü  Your success or failure depends on the words you use in your life?

ü Words program both your destination and the speed with you get there?


ü  Words have the power to change your DNA sequences by recreating your future and creating quantum possibilities that allow you to take control of your destiny?

ü  Words and thoughts shape your very character?

ü Words that have the power to increase or diminish our self worth and confidence?

What Will You Learn In The ‘Hypnotic Language of Success’ Workshop?

The very words you say and think not only describe your world but actually create it. Words have a profound impact on our lives; in fact, our self-talk (what we talk to our self in our mind) produces 100 percent of your results.

In this exclusive Hypnotic Language of Success workshop, Pradeep Aggarwal tells you how to change your words and transform your and others life and achieve money, relationship and health.

You will learn -

ü  How to switch the low-energy phrases to high-energy phrases;

ü  How to clear the low-energy words from your language;

ü  How words cause psychological and physically problems;

ü  How to heal psychological and physically problems through words;

ü  How positive as well as negative self-talk affect your mood, attitude and efficiency. Learn how negative self-talk leads to lower self-confidence and negative outcomes.

ü  How to change your negative self-talk to positive.

ü  The top optimistic, high-energy words;

ü  Organ language;

ü  Effect of suggestion.

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