MALCON 2012 - International Malware Conference
  • MALCON 2012 - International Malware Conference
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Hello boys and girls..

It’s that time of the year when we keep aside our daily lives & turn into digital psychopaths. We hope you are ready for another dose of high quality live destruction demos! We are back for the third edition of MalCon! This time around, apart from the regular malware stuff, it’s going to be the “Electronic Warfare” as a theme. 

{Key note}


Shiv Shankar Menon - NSA

Shivshankar Menon is an Indian diplomat, currently serving as National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
He had previously served as the Foreign Secretary, the top diplomat in India *Tentative!


Alok Vijayant, Director, IDG, NTRO

Alok Vijayant, Director of the information dominance group at the National Technical Research Organisation, the nation’s chief technical intelligence monitoring authority.



{Quality Technical Briefings}

One of the most painful aspects of handling MalCon is shortlisting papers - and we will not hold back our anguish at the state of Indian researchers who keep churning out crap. It is a sorry situation at most conferences - almost all the talks are some sorts of me-too frameworks and absolute waste of time.

But how can we compromise? 

Keeping with our tradition, only the best research papers are shortlisted that can give value to all our fans. So this year, With Microsoft releasing Windows 8, malware researchers are racing against time to publish their brilliant masterpieces at MalCon - so you can expect a proof of concept with demo's at the con! 

Moving ahead, we have some amazing talks on USB smartcard hacking by Paul Rascagneres - if you are a director or own a company or business in India, you cannot afford to miss this talk that will show how your physical tokens - digital signatures that you take from a TCS or E-mudra will be compromised!

Alex has a surprise paper - we wont tell you what he will present. But it will be something that will rekindle that old hacker inside :) 

You can get a dash of all interesting technical papers in the below link:

Technical Briefings at MalCon 2012!


Paul Rascagneres - Smartcards Reloaded - Remotely!

A description a a proof of concept of malware that targets smartcard. We showcase a new kind of malware that uses a self made driver that make USB over TCP/IP. So the malware shares the smartcard connected in USB of the victim directly to the command and control (c&c) server in raw. The attacker can use the smartcard as if it is directly connected to his machine!


Ucha Gobejishvili - Chrome 0-day

In this demonstration, we show a new 0-day attack on Google Chrome! Using this, an attacker can remotely execute any code / exe on the target machine.





Shantanu Gawde - Windows Phone Malware Prototype

Windows Phones are relatively new - and little or no known malwares exist today on the platform.
In this research, we try to show how one can write a malware for the Windows Phones and can disguise as a legitimate application.

Atul Alex - Surprise Paper!

Continuing with the tradition of MalCon, Atul has presented the Advanced Symbian Malware in 2010, followed by most dangerous malware for iOS platform in 2011.. this year, he will be presenting something interesting - but what exactly, is a surprise! Be there at MalCon to see it! You can know more about Atul Alex from his submissions at
His blog:

MohitMohit - Android Malware Engine

How about building a virus for Android in a drag and drop manner? We explore the amazing Android Malware Engine that enables anyone.. just anyone to use a web based service to select and customize options of infecting Android - such as steal contacts, delete or send SMS, get pictures, record calls etc without the knowledge of user - and the best part? Give your mobile number and any valid Android Application such as Angry birds etc - the tool will automatically create a new virus, bind with the provided application and give you a command and control service (by SMS!) from your mobile number! This is designed to assist in testing all the current Anti-viruses and mobile security solutions at your enterprise for security.

Rashid BhatRashid Bhat - Advances in  ROP attacks


Return-oriented programming (ROP) attacks has been shown to be able to circumvent W X protection.But many Defenses against ROP attacks have been proposed. As we have seen in the recent Microsoft Bluehat Contest, This talk will present ROP techniques to Bypass such defenses. Even how a standard ROP exploit can be made alphanumeric.



Gianni Gnesa - Modern Vulnerability Discovery with IDA Pro

Gianni Gnesa is a Malware Analyst at Ptrace Security. Nowadays, security researchers have to deal with huge binary applications that often have hundreds, if not thousands, of functions and classes. In this scenario, the use of sophisticated tools such as IDA Pro is not anymore an option but a requirement. In this presentation, we will analyze some practical techniques that can be very helpful to discover vulnerabilities in complex large C/C++ applications, as well as, some IDAPython scripts that can automate vulnerability discovery.


{The Big Talk}

Big Talk

We all know that the future in Information Security business will be related to technologies and solutions related to Cyber wars. Most Goverments are gearing up for allocating special budgets (and how!) to acquire digital warfare tools. But with over 70% of Critical Infrastructure such as Telecom, Banking, Transport etc owned by private players, how will it affect the business?

As more research companies churn out exclusive exploits, interception tools and zero days to aid the intelligence and Governments, its a very thin line of ethics and Privacy we get in the name of National Security! 

So this year - its WAR and PEACE with Zero days! - our theme for The Big Talk at MalCon 2012. 

To be moderated by Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan (@abhi2point0 on twitter) - who writes about technology for the Economic Times and hosts the weekend tech show on ET Now, The Big Talk will have participation from the Indian Intelligence and the Corporate sector to discuss this dangerous business trend and its impact on the common man caught between Cyber wars!

{Workshop on Arduino - 23rd November}

MalCon Workshop - Hacking with Arduino

Ah well, if you haven't heard of Arduino, its time you did. We believe that every hacker should have some skills in electronics. Most people start by reading books on electronics and before they get to do hands-on, most frizzle out due to fear or just plain laziness.

But no more! MalCon brings you a workshop for 8 hours - only focused on basics and making YOU get started in electronics and hacking. Every delegate will get a super cool Arduino kit - with everything to get your passion up and running! (The kits and all its components are hard to get.. and we had to pre-order them only for you!)

9 circuits

In collaboration with 9 Circuits, this is going to be one of the best workshops you will ever invest your time in. So no matter who you are in the Information Security Industry.. a compliance guru or the next CISO in the making.. make time for this workshop at any cost. No excuses. 

You can thank us later.

At the end of this MalCon workshop, you will be able to:

  1. Get a quick foundation in electronics
  2. Learn how to put together a small circuit
  3. Learn about Arduino
  4. Learn how to code for Arduino
  5. Gain confidence to build your own stuff  - and hopefully get your foundations for doing electronic warfare 

Your Arduino take-away Kit

Every delegate attending the workshop will be given the Arduino kit consisting of:

  • Arduino + USB Cable
  • IR sensors
  • IR Remote (TV Remote)
  • IR LEDs Rx and Tx
  • Breadboard + wires
  • LDR
  • LEDs (a pack of 10)
  • Buzzer
  • Buttons
  • Power adapter


Program Contents

Module 1 – Basics of computers : 1 Hour

  • Understanding computers and their internal working mechanisms
  • Discussing the software aspects in order to equate it with the micro-controller
  • Distinguishing processors and controllers.

Module 2 – Understanding the controller : 1 Hour

  • Getting to know more about the micro controller
  • Understanding internals of a controller
  • Choosing the right controller

Module 3 – Bringing a project together 1 Hour

  • Discovering what kind of devices are available
  • How to choose what device is required
  • Creating project with the right devices
  • Choosing the right chip.

Module 4 – Hands on with Microcontrollers (Lab) 2 Hours A hands-on workshop on Arduino and the reason for choosing Arduino

  • Arduino basics
  • The language, the software and some basic LED tests
  • Understanding interfacing with Arduino

Module 5 – Hands on with interfacing (Lab) 2 Hours

  • Hands on LED tests
  • Hands on PWM tests
  • Hands on Buttons
  • Hands on with all three

Module 6 – Projects demonstration 1 Hour

  •  Ideas and discussions
  • Various scenarios
  • Project demonstrations and videos
  • Next steps with controllers
  • Lets build together.
Module 7 – Electronic Warfare
  • Pwning Everyday things around
  • Info Security in Electronics – a new world to explore
  • Electronic warfare – what can be
  • Closing Note

{Finally - the Take aways!}

Its no carrot, but are the brilliant technical papers with demos and amazing workshop on Arduino not an incentive enough? :)

As always, you will get a full one year Anti-virus license for your devices... along with cool research downloads from MalCon to keep you busy after the event :) 

{Inaugural Speech - from the office of NSA!}

How many of you know our National Security Policy? 

Did we just hear "What? Do we have one!??" lol..

Well, this is one of those hard to get opportunities when you get to meet the team of National Security Advisor from India face to face - and ask all your questions, right from Cyber security strategies, censorship and even propose ideas to improve our policies! 

{Be there! - 24th November 2012}

MalCon 2012 will be held in New Delhi at The lalit. 

we request you to confirm your presence by either replying to this message or registering online here before 20th November!

Register early to ensure a seat confirmation! (We only have a capacity of 250!)

From MalCon

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Event Details / ID : 17816

November 23, 2012 -
November 24, 2012

9:30 am - 5:00 pm

THE LALIT HOTEL, Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place
NewDelhi ,Delhi-NCR

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