Above & Beyond

"Time for some Group Therapy" – Above & Beyond

Even by their sky-high standards ABOVE & BEYOND are currently flying, well, above and beyond. If one word sums up the phenomenon of Above & Beyond then that is surely it. Whether it's the thousands of A&B fans singing their lyrics back at them at gigs from Beirut to Brixton, or the millions that tune in for their weekly Group Therapy radio show, connection – real human connection - is at the heart of all things that define Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond is Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and PaavoSiljamaki and their story is one of constant movement. From their early days as hotly tipped producers to their current global standing, Jono, Tony and Paavo have remained as down-to-earth and determined as ever – always focused on the next goal. Over their 13-year history, this dedication has continually paid off. A band first and foremost, Above& Beyond are songwriters as much as they are DJs and their second album "Group Therapy" has taken their sound to new heights.Since the release of Group Therapy, the intense atmosphere at Above &Beyond's increasingly ambitious live performances has redrawn the parameters of the DJ set. While so many superstar DJs place themselves at the centre of the show, Above &Beyond's focus is always on getting closer to their crowd and making them part of the action.

Whether that is by bringing fans up on stage to press the play button on their CDJs or communicating with the fans via their visual screens, the effect is to make everyone in the room feel like they are part of an experience that is at once epic, immersive and interactive.Like just about everything they turn their attentions to, it is a labour of love as well as a collaboration of the trio's energies. De La Soul weren't wrong. Three really is the magic number: and in Above &Beyond's case the magic is spreading faster than ever before.

TICKETS for Above & Beyond

Blue FROG Pune, Ishanya Amphitheatre
Reliance JIO Gardens
Supernova Arena and Convention Centre


Terms & Conditions

  • Vh1 Supersonic Arcade 2015 featuring Above & Beyond ("Event") is being held at Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru on 27th 28th and 29th November, 2015, respectively, and is being organized by Viacom 18 Media Private Limited ("Organizer").
  • Each ticket admits one person only.
  • Patrons are requested to be aware of fake/color photocopied tickets and are urged to buy tickets from legitimate sources only.
  • Patrons must mandatorily carry an original valid government identity document.
  • Re-entry to the Event is not permitted.
  • Any ticket to be a valid ticket needs to have a barcode or hologram. In case the hologram or the bar code are tampered, such tickets will not be accepted.
  • Tickets will be handed over to patrons at the box office on producing a valid invoice / booking id and original valid government identity document.
  • Entry shall be permitted to guests only above the age of 18 years, age defined as born on or before 1 June 1997.
  • No request for refund in any event or situation shall be entertained, including in case of any rescheduling, cancellation and change in details of Event.
  • The Organizer reserves the rights of admission, even to valid ticket holders.
  • Event is a wristband access event. Wristbands will be issued at the box office and will enable access to the Event venue for the designated dates.
  • Patrons need to keep/wear their wristband throughout the Event and retain their tickets with them at all times during the Event. If a patron is unable to provide the wristband and ticket on the Organizer's request, the Organizer reserves the right to remove the patron from the Event venue.
  • Viacom18 reserves the right to randomly check patrons for tickets and wristbands.
  • Wristbands may be washable/tear able and the Patron need to ensure not to lose the same. In case wristbands are taken off, no replacement wristband will be issued.
  • Wristbands removed or tampered with will be rendered invalid and WILL NOT be replaced, irrespective of the patron having a ticket.
  • No access shall be allowed to the Event venue without a wristband. Duplicate tickets or wrist bands will not be issued for lost or stolen tickets.
  • Unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of a ticket would lead to seizure or cancellation of that ticket without refund or other compensation.
  • Organizer shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any personal belongings or any injury/damage that the ticket holder may incur at the venue.
  • Organizer reserves the right to perform security check on invitees/member of audience at the entry point for security reasons or within the premises of the Event venue.
  • Patrons shall not be allowed to carry the following items:
    • Cameras, video camcorders, any recording devices.
    • Travel Bags and Strolleys.
    • Any kind of arms and ammunitions
    • Any sharp items or any object that may harm others
    • Any illegal substances
    • Food and beverages including alcohol
    • Cigarettes/cigars.
    • Helmets will not be allowed into the event venue.
  • Parking near or at the Event premises may be available depending upon availability and is at the sole risk of the vehicle owner.
  • Organizer will not be held responsible for any damage or theft of any vehicles within the stipulated parking premises of the Event venue.
  • Consumption and sale of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Consumables from outside of the Event are not allowed & will be confiscated.
  • Food and beverages will be available inside the Event venue for purchase. Patrons can purchase food and beverage coupons at the Event venue on a non-refundable basis.
  • Smoking in the venue is strictly prohibited, any ticket holder caught smoking will be asked to leave the venue.
  • Organizer is not responsible for the quality of any food items or drinks served at the venue.
  • Any inappropriate behavior by any of the patron shall lead to eviction of the patrons from the venue.
  • At the Event venue, the Patrons shall not display or endorse any sponsorships, promotional or marketing materials.
  • The ticket permits entry to the Event venue only and does not include any other benefits, after-party, meet and greet, etc., whatsoever.
  • Access to any promotional parties or after parties, may have other ticketing requirements and shall be purchased by the patron separately.
  • Strobe lighting at this Event may cause epileptic fits and/or seizures. Those with a history of epilepsy or any health condition that would be of concern must take adequate precautions.
  • This Event uses amplified sound, wearing hearing protection at the Event may be helpful.
  • First aid/medical facilities may be provided, however, the Organizer shall not be responsible for any problems that any Patron may face at the Event.
  • Patrons acknowledge that the Organizer shall not be liable for any mishap, injury, accident, untoward incident, physical harm of any nature, death, loss of life or limb, etc., caused to him/her, at the Event venue, either before, during or after the Event; or while traveling to the Event; and the same will not be attributed to the Organizer, neither shall the Organizer be held responsible towards the same or be liable to indemnify or make good any claim being raised against it, for whatsoever nature.
  • The Event is subject to force majeure conditions and government permissions and regulations. The Event may be rescheduled or cancelled at the sole discretion of Organizer.
  • Artist lineup and billed attractions may be subject change at the Organizer's sole discretion.
  • Patrons carrying or suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities within the Event venue or at the entry shall be searched and their entry shall be restricted.
  • Patrons hereby grant the Organizer the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the images and/or recording of any tape made with the ticket holder's appearance on any mode/medium of broadcast anywhere in the world and for any purposes whatsoever including advertising, publicity and promotion etc.
  • The Organizer reserves the right, without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to patrons found in breach of these terms and conditions, including, if necessary, to evict the patrons from the venue.
  • All disputes to be settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai courts only.




  • How and where do I collect my tickets/wristbands?
  • Tickets are to be collected from the box office at the venue during the relevant event dates -November 27, 28 and 29. You will need government photo ID proof, printout of the confirmation email or an SMS from MeraEvents.
  • Will I need to carry a photo ID along for ticket verification purpose?
  • Yes. A valid Photo ID of the person on whose name the ticket is purchased i.e. PAN Card, Passport, Driver`s License etc., must be produced as a proof of identity
  • What is the Entry time for the Event?
  • Gates open 45 minutes prior to the show time
  • Is it possible to enter the venue if the show has already started?
  • Yes but trust us, you don't want to miss out on a single minute
  • Can I upgrade my ticket(s) with VIP ticket(s)?
  • Once bought, tickets cannot be upgraded.
  • Can I exchange my ticket(s) with any body?
  • No. Only the buyer will be allowed entry into the event on producing a valid ID proof.
  • Will I have to be present at the venue for collecting the tickets?
  • Yes. You will have to be present at the venue and personally collect the ticket.
  • Is there any minimum age limit for entry into Supersonic Arcade?
  • Yes. Those below the age of 18 years will NOT be allowed.
  • Will I be able to get a refund for the tickets if I do not attend?
  • No refund will be given.
  • Are there any additional charges for booking a ticket online?
  • Yes, a nominal Convenience fee will be added per transaction.
  • Can separate tickets be issued to individuals in case of bulk/group purchase of tickets by one person?
  • No. The person who booked the online ticket MUST collect the physical tickets, all at once.
  • I am a foreign national living in India. What ID proof should I produce?
  • Please provide a copy of your passport
  • Is re-entry allowed?
  • This is a single entry ticket only, re-entry is not allowed
  • Can I carry still/video cameras inside the venue?
  • AUDIO OR VIDEO RECORDING OF THE SHOW IS NOT PERMITTED. This rule will be implemented strictly. Management reserves the right to eject any patron recording the event from the venue without refund. We request all guests not to carry any cameras/recording equipment into the venue.