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Come Join Sri Sri Global Meditating Scientists Doctors Association

Sri Sri Global Meditating Scientists and Doctors Association, (SSGMSDA) is a unique global organization for scientists, researchers, doctors, students and health professionals, who are interested in working global health and well-being, happiness and peace.

SSGMSDA aims to establish and propgate scientifically the impact of Global Ancient Knowledge Systems to all aspects of life and society.

By joining us

  • # You become a part of the International Association of Scientists and Doctors committed to conducting research and promotion of ancient science and holistic interventions for societal transformation and sustainable development of the humanity
  • # You get an opportunity to network with likeminded scientists, researchers and physicians all over the world.
  • # You get an access to cutting edge research and health care practices from around the world.
  • # You get a platform for social service, general health care and much more
  • # You get to Attend social events, conferences, webinars, annual dinner, annual outing
  • # You get to have a strong mentor / mentee relationships for senior and junior scientists respectively