About Event

25 Years passed by after we left one of the most memorable places in our lives.
Now, it’s time for one of the biggest events of our lifetime - The 25 Year Reunion of 1982 (LKG) - 1993 (SSC) Batch. The event dates are curated by the Organising Committee and we kindly request each one to mark your calendars and be there in Vizag.
We can't wait to see all of you for a fun-filled weekend and spending some nostalgic moments on our school campus.

Who can attend?

SFS alumni who studied at SFS School, Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam in atleast one of the following academic years are welcome to attend this reunion event:

1981-1982-LKG, 1982-1983-UKG, 1983-1984-I, 1984-1985-II, 1985-1986-III, 1986-1987-IV, 1987-1988-V, 1988-1989-VI, 1989-1990-VII, 1990-1991-VIII, 1991-1992-IX, 1992-1993-X


14 July 2018 (Saturday) - Reunion Party at Hotel Daspalla from 10 AM to 4 PM (Alumni can choose to attend alone or with family i.e. spouse and children only)

15 July 2018 (Sunday) - Visit to School from 10 AM to 1 PM (Only Alumni can attend this); Charity Events at two places in Vizag from 2 PM to 4 PM (Organising Committee Members and interested alumni can attend this)

NOTE: Online ticket purchasing is for both the above programmes

Purchasing Tickets

For every Alumni, the fee is Rs. 2,000/- and for every additional member of the family is Rs. 500/-


We are also collecting funds to donate to the school and organize charity events in Vizag. Details of Charity events will be provided in detail by the Organising Committee at a later date.

NOTE: Donations to Charity and School are completely voluntary and separate.

Reunion Souvenir Clothing:

Through this portal, the registrants can also purchase a variety of reunion souvenir clothing (T-shirts etc) which they can wear during the event.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Organising Committee members through our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SFS.VIZAG.1993) :

Harinath Pudipeddi (Sec-B) - Bangalore
Jagdish Kilaparthy (Sec-B) - Bangalore
Kavitha Raju Pusapati (Sec-A) - Vizag
Kiranbabu Kaja (Sec-C) - USA
Kirshna Mohan Reddy Gudla (Sec-B) - Vizag
Mohan Reddy Kaki (Sec-C) - New Zealand
Pramod Tatikola (Sec-B) - Hyderabad
Prasad JVLD (Sec-B) - Vizag
Prashanti Mantena (Sec-B) - Vizag
Ramesh Arji (Sec-B) - Bangalore
Ronald Rajesh Gotru (Sec-C) - Vizag
Sairam Voleti (Sec-B) - Vizag
Sarita Barla (Sec-B) - Bangalaore
Sunitha Lavanya Kothapalli (Sec-A) - Vizag
Sunitha Reddy Saragada (Sec-C) - Vizag
Vara Prasad Kommineni (Sec-A) - Vizag
Visweswara Rao Thadela (Sec-A) - Mumbai

The following programme is separate from the above ones. The registration for this program is not included here:
14 July 2018 (Saturday) - Cocktail Party at Hotel Daspalla from 8 PM onwards (This will be a spot registration and only interested alumni can attend with or without their spouses. Children are not allowed.)