MAR 5 2016
Hyderabad Gachibowli Stadium



What began fifteen years ago as a one-off in the Amsterdam ArenA

is now a worldwide phenomenon that takes place in stadiums and arenas around the globe.

Sensation creates a new show every year to dazzle the senses. Committed to innovation and excellence, Sensation has earned the distinction of being The World's Leading Dance Event. It succeeds in creating an atmosphere of togetherness at even the most mammoth venues. With everyone dressed in white, the crowd is immersed in a tidal wave of unity and euphoria.


All guests must dress in white and admission is conditional on this, however shoes/trainers do not need to be.

  • YES White shirts with small prints of another colour
  • YES Accessories of another colour
  • YES Shoes of another colour
  • YES White jeans
  • YES Maximum of 20% of your outfit another colour
  • YES White shorts
  • YES Flip-flops

When it comes to choosing your outfit for Sensation, remember WHITE = WHITE!
So, no beige, brown or grey, regardless of the shade.

Also note the following rules:

NO Jeans in any colour but white

NO Topless dancing - guys or girls!

Please note that if you are not dressed in white you are not admitted to the event area. Not even with a valid ticket.

‘Be part of the night, dress in white’ is more than a catchphrase. The white dresscode is a tribute to one of Sensation’s founders, Miles Stutterheim, who tragically lost his life in 2000. The color white was originated to celebrate the beauty of his life and it is there as a reminder to all of us to celebrate life in the best possible way.

That white crispy and fresh look creates a certain feeling of sexiness. Everyone pays extra attention to his or her outfit. Well-styled looks are covering the dance floor and it instantly creates a relaxed and cool vibe in the beginning of the evening. Because of the all white dresscode the crowd becomes part of the show. Imagine that magical moment when you enter the arena, an ocean filled with thousands of people all dressed in white, the crowd immersed in a tidal wave of euphoria, a breathtaking view at all times…

And then there is that feeling of unity and togetherness. That atmosphere is what matters the most. Together, dressed in white, we are one. So let’s celebrate life in the best possible way! Gather with your friends and loved ones, meet new people and create new memories. The night is yours, do you have your all white outfit ready?









  • Q1. How old do I have to be to enter Sensation India?
  • A. You must be of 15 years and above to enter the event.
  • Q2. Why is Sensation rescheduled?
  • A. Due to the upcoming local body elections to be held in Hyderabad in first week of February, Sensation in consultation with the authorities has decided to reschedule the event to March 5th 2016.
  • Q3. Can I get my money back?
  • A. Unfortunately a refund won’t be possible in cases of rescheduling.
  • Q4. The event date has been changed. Is my ticket still valid?
  • A. Yes, your current ticket is valid for March 5. You need to carry the print out of the confirmation mail to the box office on March 5.
  • Q5. What happens to my booking of the accommodation if I have already booked it with MeraEvents?
  • A. You don’t need to worry about that. We will have you re-accommodated as per the event date at no extra cost. You need to just carry the confirmation mail sent by MeraEvents to the hotel and show it at the reception.
  • Q6. What’s the line up?
  • A. The line up for India will be consistent with all other Sensation events around the world being progressive and cutting-edge. The line up is only one element to the overall show, but definitely not the primary element. With that in mind we will release the interesting and compelling line up once we have found the perfect balance.
  • Q7. Is it mandatory to be dressed in white?
  • A. Yes, the dress code of Sensation is the colour WHITE. At least 80% of your attire should be white.
  • Q8. Please tell us why White is the symbolic color of Sensation.
  • A. As a tribute to Miles, who helped found ID&T before sadly dying in a car accident, we (Duncan Stutterheim - Sensation Founder) asked Sensation visitors to dress in white, just as people did at Miles’ funeral. Ticket sales doubled from the first year, and eighty percent of the 40,000 attendees dressed-up in white, creating an image so staggering that the dress code has remained the same ever since.
  • Q9. What if someone shows up at the event not dressed in white?
  • A. One of the key elements of Sensation is the white dress code. That is one of the reasons people go to the event. To feel that unity. So far we never had any problems with it, on the contrary. We often got complaints from local retailers why we did not inform them in time, so they could have bought more white clothing for their stores. We will have a shop set up outside the stadium where you can purchase white clothing.
  • Q10. The ticket price seems fairly high compared to other EDM events. What is the reason for such a high ticket price?
  • A. We choose not to compare ourselves to other EDM events. If we must be compared to we choose a comparison with a Broadway show, Cirque du Soleil, or other high profile concerts. We feel our pricing is right on the line. We are going to deliver an experience that the Indian crowd has never seen before.
  • Q11. How and where do I collect my tickets/wristbands?
  • A. Tickets are to be collected from the Box Office at the venue on the event day. You will need to carry your photo ID proof, print out of the confirmation email from MeraEvents and a letter of authorization, BOTH from the cardholder (if the card used to purchase the ticket is not yours).
  • Q12. Which proofs of identification can I carry for ticket verification purposes ?
  • A. A valid Photo ID would include a PAN Card, Passport, Driver`s License, Aadhar Card, Voter’s ID or a current and valid college ID proof.
  • Q13. Do the tickets give access to free food and beverages ?
  • A. No free alcohol or food would be provided against the tickets. However, you can buy the same inside the venue.
  • Q14. Are there additional charges for booking a ticket online ?
  • A. Yes, a nominal convenience fee will be added per ticket.
  • Q15. What is the maximum number of tickets I can purchase ?
  • A. A maximum of 10 tickets per transaction can be purchased.
  • Q16. What if I am reaching the venue later, can I use separate copies of the same ticket for the non-cardholders to enter separately?
  • A. No, unfortunately it is not possible.
  • Q17. What should I do if I purchase a ticket, but live outside India?
  • A. Please carry a copy of your passport and credit card/debit card along with the confirmation mail of your ticket to the box office at the venue on the show day.
  • Q18. Where can I read ticketing `Terms and Conditions`?
  • A. The ticket terms and conditions will be provided before you purchase your ticket.
  • Q19. Can I re-enter the venue during the day if I leave?
  • A. Unfortunately re-entry to the event won`t be allowed. Wristbands will be cut once you leave the venue.


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