16-22 APR
Young Entrepreneurs Program - Batch 1 Metamorphosis, Hyderabad
23-29 APR
Young Entrepreneurs Program - Batch 2 Metamorphosis, Hyderabad
16 APR to 4 MAY
Young Entrepreneurs Program - Batch 3 Epistemo Global School
16-22 APR
Young Developers Program - Batch 1 Metamorphosis, Hyderabad
23-29 APR
Young Developers Program - Batch 2 Metamorphosis, Hyderabad
16 APR to 4 MAY
Young Developers Program - Batch 3 Epistemo Global School
16-22 APR
Young Filmmakers Program - Batch 1 Metamorphosis, Hyderabad
23-29 APR
Young Filmmakers Program - Batch 2 Metamorphosis, Hyderabad
16 APR to 4 MAY
Young Filmmakers Program - Batch 3 Epistemo Global School
16 APR to 2 MAY
Young FilmMakers Program - Batch 4 Kairos Global School

About Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis enables entrepreneurial ecosystems in schools and colleges and provides experiential learning to the students on various courses like entrepreneurship , film-making and coding in python. Metamorphosis enables skill sets that set the students apart from others and all the good qualities that come along with it-problem solving, leadership, creativity, tenacity, networking and strategizing.

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Young Entrepreneurs Program:

Our program on entrepreneurship is a testament to every global technology leader like Jack Ma's and Sundar Pichai's statement about how our children's education needs to be added with more humane skills. We call these skills the entrepreneurial skill set. These are the things that not just help students, who want to be start-up founders or who want to continue their family's business but also to every person who wants to retain a good job in a corporate. Some of these skills include Out-centric Leadership, Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills and Tension- Tolerant Collaboration.
Any student can register from 5th grade to 12th grade of any school.
The listed schools are the centres for our programs where anyone can come.

Young Developers Program:

The young coder's program is made for all the coding enthusiasts. Whether students have coded before or have no prior experience to coding, Python is an easy language and is extremely good to work with as it supports object oriented programmings and works across all platforms. Its pseudo code like appearance is easy to understand and its popularity among most organisations makes it an important feather in one's hat.
Age Group: Grade 5 and above.

Young Filmmakers Program:

Metamorphosis FilmMakers Program provides a solid foundation in filmmaking: combining theoritical knowledge about the history and art of cinema, with 'hands-on' technical training on Film making. While classes deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Film Making-as an art, a process and an industry- students also participate in group projects and can shoot their own sort movies in their free time.The course walks students through all the sides of filmmaking- right from script writing, direction, production and post production processes. Students present their own short films at the end of the course.
Age Group: Grade 5 and above.

Curriculum designed by

Pavan Allena
Pavan is the founding member of Metamorphosis, who had the seed of entrepreneurship inside him since his college days. He had startup ideas right from his 3rd year of engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology. It took him 15 months to find his first customer, but he never gave up. He continued making all possible efforts and at just the age of 21, co-founded Fleetalytics. While dealing with school children as a part of his work for Fleetalytics, he was surprised to see how they had immense curiosity and passion towards business concepts and entrepreneurs. The complexity of questions from the students made him realize the untapped pool of entrepreneurial talent in them and it inspired him to form Metamorphosis. His areas of interest include new innovations in the field of IoT and Edutech. His hobbies include playing tennis and online gaming. Jack Ma, Roger Federer and Power Star Pawan Kalyan are his inspirations.
Sirisha Pudipeddi
A computer science engineer from Osmania University, Sirisha has always been fascinated with the wonders of technology. She met Pavan Allena while working as a BDM at his previous company. She not only helped with business strategies but has continued to play a vital role in software architecture and program management for all the companies including Fleetalytics and Metamorphosis. Sirisha is one of the founding members of Metamorphosis and believes in making changes in the grass root level of the education sector. She paints and hones her skills as a video creator for leisure. Her inspirations are Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey.





Samvit Durga
Samvit is an independent Chartered Accountant and a partner at his firm - Balaji Associates. He started his career as an associate in Ernst & Young in 2011. Soon after he started working with a lot of big names in India but was always drawn towards start-ups. He helped a lot of start-ups including Fleetalytics, where he found his shared interests in empowering students with the right ecosystem for them to bloom as courageous and talented individuals.
Yugandhar Reddy
Yugandhar Reddy is a passionate professional with two decades of experience in leading performing teams. A strong believer in enabling and empowering individuals to realize their potential. An educator at heart insisting that meaningful actions contribute to the bottom line and that is important for sustenance. Yugandhar is also mentoring Metamorphosis in designing the curriculum and Business Strategy.


Shashi Kumar Reddy
An Upcoming Film Director who did his graduation in Annapurna International school of Film and Media specialized in Photography, Film, Animation and Visual Effects. Worked in several short films and freelance works. Also worked as an assistant director in upcoming Feature film and Green gold animation studios on Kalari Kids episodes which is already being telecasted in Amazon Prime.



Shrey Arora
Shrey has done his Bachelors of Technology from Vellore Institute of Technology majors in Computer Science Engineering. He has done various projects under data analysis using python, one of them was done and implemented in Federal Bank. Also he has done a e-certification course in python from University of Michigan. An upcoming technology entrepreneur, who aspires to work at the carpet level for education vertical in our country and aims to inculcate education with technology for the betterment of the young minds of our country.
Sri Sai Kolluru
Sri Sai has done his Bachelors of Technology from Amity University, Noida majors in Mechanical and Automation Engineering. He worked on various automobile projects in his college like Formula Student India and National Kart Racing Competition and so on. He worked as an Assistant Engineer at IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd. in Quality Assurance domain.
Sri Sai is an ISO certified Six Sigma Green Belt Manager who aspires to work for the betterment of skill set for young children and thrives to make changes for enrichment of students by taking up challenging verticals with zest and integrity.


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Meridian School, Banjara Hills

Meridian School, Kukatpally

Global Edge School, Kokapet

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