About The Event

Empowering Good Governance

Worldwide, many organizations emphasize on good culture and co-governance. This makes it imperative for sustainable growth to incorporate good governance into co-society governance. In this backdrop, the CXO Summit has been organized and the speaker for the event is Mr. Dilip Pithadia.

This year the event has been organized based on two themes for the event;

1) Authentic Leadership and 2) Turnaround Leadership.

Authentic leadership will focus on best role modeling practices while Turnaround Leadership will arm you will skills that can turn around your company to higher ground.

Mr. Dilip Pithadia has coached around 400 plus businesses in 70 plus countries across four continents in the past 3.5 decades. His rich experience and accolades will be all available for business excellence.

Do not miss this event as it is full of luxury, sumptuous meals, warm ambiance. Unwind and network in friendly and confidential setting with other leaders. Moreover, this event is an unparalleled blend of classroom and outdoor coaching and be assured of mega returns at midget investment in fees.

Just to put a little smile on your face; we have kept your investment/fees less than 1/4th compared to similar events offered in Asia. So do not skip this event at any cost! Register yourself today.

Who is Dilip K. Pithadia?

Born and raised in India, Dilip Pithadia has been in the United States for over three decades. His key curriculum is business-managed electronics engineering from the Dearborn, Michigan, Ford Management Training Center.

Dilip is a US citizen. He has held various management positions at all sizes of U.S. companies. For three and a half decades he's had broad exposure to global business management in manufacturing, sales / marketing, project / program management, global supply chain management, Indian and U.S. design / development and teaching. Universities.

Dilip has regularly and extensively traveled on business to Europe, South America, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

His greatest asset is global PR experience through his intimate, communicative and one-on - one relationships with many institutional leaders, senior political officials, as well as corporate leaders.

Mr. Pithadia is an orator / consultant as well as a business coach. He is the president of the non-profit Pithadia Foundation, a nationally and internationally renowned organization that offers consulting in the manufacturing / service sectors, hospitality industry, health care providers and educational institutions for best business practices.

Mr. Pithadia has been awarded twice in Washington D.C. recently by the Secretary of Commerce for "Outstanding Services to the Country." In this fiercely competitive global economy, he has a passion to contribute to Indian industry and commerce in excelling its profits and productivity. He preaches his own mantras of success: Growth, resilience, and openness.

Why You Should Attend The Event

Industry Led Leaders: We understand the importance of having the right audience around you and your team on site, which is why we only look to invite and pick the absolute leaders to attend the Summit within each of their valued fields.

Star Keynotes and Presenter: We only invite leading international and local experts to provide on-site sessions, which enables front-line executives to teach attendees who compress years of meaningful experience into a well-organized, systematic learning program.

Great Opportunity For Networking: In keeping with the main goal of our events in achieving new relationships, we provide an enormous amount of networking opportunities for attendees through breakfast, luncheons, cocktails, gala dinners and informal introductions.

All Programs Are Personalised: This summit is customized for YOU, meaning we care about what's important to your company. We create personalized itineraries around sessions that you would like to attend, enabling you to spend your time wisely outside the office.

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