China Electric Heating Exhibition 2013

China Electric Heating Exhibition 2013


About The Event

China Electric Heating Exhibition 2013(ChinaEHE2013) which organized by Winner Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd and supported by industry departments will be held in Shanghaimart from Mar 15 to Mar 17, 2013.
Prepared 550 booths with 10,000 sq.m, ChinaEHE2013 will provide a multiple platform for global industry professionals that there will be a wide range of exhibits including Flexible heaters, electric heating tube, hot runner, explosion-proof electric heater and complete heating equipment for the oilfield chemical base. You can share your technology and experience, carry out trade talks and explore forefront technology here. ChinaEHE2013 aims to be NO.1 exhibition in global electric heating industry with inviting 500 Global Buying Groups, 2200 Counterparts Buyers and high quality professional buyers.
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Exhibition Scope:

â—† Electric Heating Technology and Equipment:
Explosion-proof electric heaters, electric heating tracing systems, hot runner systems, electric boilers, electric heating oil stove, electric stove, oven, electric resistance furnace, induction furnace, vacuum furnace, electron beam furnace, electric furnace and kiln, tin furnace, electric arc furnace, electric slag remelting, blooming, hot-rolled, cold-rolled, wireddrawing, pickling, heat treating, testing, packaging and other processing equipment and electric heating technology and equipment;

â—† Electric Heating Components:
heating tube, Electrothermal film, PTC heating element, Electrothermal board, Electro-thermal wire, electric plate, electric coil, electric rods, thermistor, thermocouple, electric heating core, mica fever tablets, ceramic heating element and different kinds of civil heating element and heating units; single head tube, heating plate, fin radiators, heater ring, hot runner heater, Electrothermal board, Electro-thermal wire, electric plate, electric coil, electric rodse, electric film and other types of industrial electric heating element and heating units;

â—†Heating alloy material:
iron-chromium-aluminium alloys, nickel-chromium alloys, nickel-chromium-iron alloys, high-temperature heating alloy and all kinds of material, electric heating wire, magnesia powder, ceramic pieces , terminal pin, flange, electric casting, sealing glue, glue plug, epoxy, magnesium rods, copper tube, stainless steel tube, copper - plated iron tube, aluminum tube, welded pipe, high temperature cable, metal band, far-infrared electric heating material, heating element material and the surrounding ancillary products such as PTC heating element, Electrothermal board, Electro-thermal wire, electric plate, electric coil, electric rods, thermistor, thermocouple, electric hot plate, band, a hot plate, electric film, electric coil, electric rods, electric tracing band, Light-Wave Electric Materials, thermistor, thermocouple, electric heating core, piece of mica fever, ceramic heating element, electric castings, thermostats, testing instruments and other materials and related products;

â—†Electric Heating Manufacturing Equipment:
Pipe Shrinking Machine, Pipe Bending Machine, Automatic Thread Reeling Machine/Winding Machine, Powder Filling Machine, Automatic Pipe Welding Machine, Pipe Cutting Machine, Stretching Machine, Pipe Welding Outfit, Terminal Press-Machine, Welding Machine, Hydraulic Equipment, Mesh Belt Furnace, Face Lathe, Short Circuit Annealing Machine, Marking Machine, Spurts Code Machine, Electric Oven, Electric Heating Machine Equipment and so on.

â—†Home-use and Commercial Electric Appliances:
Air conditioner, refrigerators, electric water heater, electric heater, heater, rice cooker, fryer, electric egg boiler, coffee pot, electric kettle, electric heat pan, electric blanket, electric iron, hot and cold water dispenser, microwave oven, electric oven, electric heater oven, induction cooker, clothes dryer, washing machine, disinfection cabinet, straight hair apparatus, hair curler, wax melting machine, vacuum cup, warm milk apparatus, coffee heater, baked shoes machine, foot warmer, microwave heating device and all kinds of home and business electric appliance

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