World Supermodel Pageant Final India

World Supermodel Pageant Final India


About The Event

World Supermodel Pageant India is the national pageant for the World Supermodel Pageant happening in South Africa, between 12th to 21st March. Being one of the most prestigious modelling award ceremonies in the world, the winner will get the opportunity to promote the healthy life style she lives, the clothes/jewellery she likes to wear, the beauty products and make-up she chooses, and her sporting and career interests. This national competition for all the aspiring and reigning models in the age group of 20 to 30 years, will be held regardless of their marital status, and one winner will be chosen as the representative of India for the next level.This event will showcase leading designers from our country whilst promoting the culture and lifestyle to the rest of the world, in an honest and fair competition.

Terms & Conditions

P.S.:- Though the relevant permissions for this event have been taken, however in case of any dispute

or cancellation of the event, a full refund shall be issued to all patrons.

1. Beware of fake / colour photocopied tickets. A ticket shall not be a valid ticket, if the barcode or

hologram has been tampered with.

2. No refund on a purchased ticket is possible, even in case of any rescheduling.

3. There will be a certain stamp on the patron's wrist before entering in the club. If the stamp is

anyhow washed during the event and the patron is out of club, he would be denied the entry in the


4. Unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of a ticket would lead to seizure or cancellation of

that ticket without refund or any other compensation.

5. Stamp on the wrist removed or tampered with will be rendered invalid and the entry will be


6. Duplicate tickets will not be issued for lost or stolen tickets, in any case.

7. Entry permitted to guests above the age of 18 years. Alcohol will be served to guests above the

legal drinking age (LDA) & on display of valid age proof. LDA bands will be provided at the venue on

proof of Age.

8. Each ticket admits one person only.

9. Artist line up and billed attractions may be subject to change.

10. Organizers reserve the right to perform security check on invitees/member of audience at the entry

point for security reasons.

11. Organizers or any of its agent, officers, and employees shall not be responsible for any injury,

damage, theft, losses or cost suffered at or as a result of the event of any part of it.

12. Parking near or at the event premises is at the risk of the vehicle owner. Organizers will not hold

responsibility for any damage or theft of any vehicles within the stipulated parking premises of the


13. Consumption and sale of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

14. Cameras, any form of recording instruments, arms and ammunition, eatables, bottled water,

beverages, alcohol are not allowed from outside the event venue. Food and beverages will be

available inside the club.

15. This ticket permits entry to the club only.

16. Rights of admission reserved, even to valid ticket holders.

17. Organizers are not responsible for any negative effects of food items or drinks consumed in the club

by guests. The club encourages guests to drink responsibly and in moderation.

18. Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or

carrying out illegal activities within the site may be searched and would be taken out of the venue

and his entry will be forfeited without any refund, if found guilty.

19. First aid/medical facilities will be provided, however, the organizers do not take any responsibility

for any problems arising.

20. Any disputes to be settled under Mumbai jurisdiction courts only.

21. The holder of this ticket herby grants organizers the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the

recording of any tape made of holder's appearance on any channel for broadcast in any and all

media globally and for advertising, publicity and promotion relating hereto.

22. The organizers reserve the right without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone

who is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions including, if necessary, ejecting the

holder/s of the ticket from the venue after they have entered the club.

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