Workshop on Internet of Things and Analytics

Workshop on Internet of Things and Analytics


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About The Event

Thingsnet Training Introduces training on Internet of things and Analytics for Internet of things.
First day of workshop focuses on sensing data from various things and uploading the sensed data
into the Opensource IOT Cloud Thingspeak. Second day of workshop focuses more on analytics
part for IOT data. Concepts such as Graph represention for IOT Data , Inference for such a graph
network , finding correlation between data obtained by various things will be discussed.



• Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
• Sensing Things
• Actuating Things
• Arduino UNO
• Optical Sensors Interface with Arduino
• Potentiometer Interface with Arduino
• Temperature and Humidity data reading using Arduino
• ESP8266 Interfacing with Arduino
• ESP8266 as a web server
• ESP8266 as a web client
• Introduction to Thingspeak IOT Cloud
• Creating Channels in Thingspeak
• Updating Sensors information into Thingspeak Cloud


• Matlab Interface for Thingspeak Analysis
• Import IOT Database in Thingspeak Cloud
• Reading data from multiple channels
• IOT Data Analysis
• Concepts of Clustering for IOT Data
• Connecting Things as a Graph and finding Inference
• Thingspeak Integration with Twitter
• Control Home Appliances based on multiple things information




Note :
Every participants will get all the kits during the training which they have to return back at the time of completion of the workshop. If anyone wants to buy the complete kit they can purchase it there.

Who can attend the Workshop?
Students, Designers, makers, Engineers, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Hobbyists and Anyone with an interest in electronics and wants to learn should come along!

Workshop requirements from participants:
A windows computer/laptop for each participant. Android phone for app.

Registration Process:
Please book your seat earlier as we are limited to 20 seats only per batch. 

if you have any queries write us at , call us @ +91-8978394960.

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