Workshop on How-to Start and Scale Impactful Business Ideas

Workshop on How-to Start and Scale Impactful Business Ideas


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About The Event

90% of startups fail. What does it take to be among the 10% that succeeded?
Don’t sell what you can build. Build what you can sell.

In this Innovation Management Workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. The Lean Startup principles
  2. Modelling your business and test its viability
  3. Validating risky assumptions through experiments
  4. Scaling your business

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to give structure to your idea and start testing your idea’s viability even before you walk out of the room. The methods in the workshop will help you come up with concrete and actionable next steps towards scaling your business from day one.

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Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

  • You are a startup founder and are looking to achieve breakthrough growth
  • You have an idea but haven't made a lot of progress
  • You are a product manager and are looking to make huge leaps in the product
  • You work in an enterprise and are looking to build a new idea into reality


Workshop duration: 7 hours [10AM - 5PM]

1. The Lean Startup

  • Viable Business
  • Startup Stages
  • Types

2. Business Modelling
3. The Lean Sprint


Kuldip Chakraborty is a Senior Product Manager with 10+ years of experience - across a wide number of domains (E-Commerce, finance, travel and tourism, consumer apps, construction and hi-tech). He has executed design sprints for more than 10 startups across the following domains: [e-commerce, education, finance, media, travel and tourism and real estate]

Manish Chiniwalar is a Chief designer and Product Manager who has helped teams conduct Design Sprints with Multunus, Google [Bangalore] and Kalaari Capital [Early Stage VC Fund], Bangalore. He brings in a mix of UX Design, Design Thinking, Tech Savvy, Product Thinking and Lean Thinking.

Karthik Gupta is a Product Manager with 5+ years of experience across domains related to consumer apps, media and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). He has been part of more than 5 design sprints.

Multunus Software helps early stage startups with innovation consulting and software development.


Running Lean - Ash Maurya
Scaling Lean - Ash Maurya

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