Women On Walk is an organization working on women empowerment through sports. It is currently based in Greenwood City, Gurgaon.

Women on Walk


About The Event

About the event
If you empower a man, you empower one; but when you empower a woman, you uplift the whole society. With sports as a forte, a woman can develop in three main areas of her life, i.e., social networks, mental and emotional health and educated about her rights. With this regards Women on Walk is an unique initiative undertaken as a part to Empower Women to highlight the marginal representation of women in sports and to improve the scenario in the country. The walk calls for women from every strata of the society to join hands in the solidarity that focuses on their passion, determination and resilience.

This event will promote and propagate the cause in different parts of India, starting from Gurgaon then moving on to Jaipur, Dharamshala, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Chandigarh and so on. This walk is solely for women irrespective of their age, profession or background.

Women on Walk is scheduled for 21st February 2016, Sunday at 8:00 am. The venue is Leisure Valley Ground; Gurgaon where a 5 km walk to support women in sports is to take place by expected 5000+ women, who will show the world what Sportswomanship should be!

Why Women on Walk?
Sportsmanship is a cliché, let the girls take up sports and contribute a new word to the Dictionary, Sportswomanship. Let the world roar, Play like a Woman! Women are no less than anyone and they have proved themselves time to time and again by rising up to the challenges thrown in their way. To emphasize the fact that SPORTS is not just a man’s game we need an event like Women on Walk. This is an effort to provide her a fair platform and equal opportunities to achieve what she wants and change the whole perspective.

So, with this special initiative we look forward to a massive outpour of support in the form of participation, so that we can drive home the cause of empowering women in sports.

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