Whisky Tasting and Cocktail Mixing

Whisky Tasting and Cocktail Mixing


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About The Event

Learn about the different varieties of whiskey and mix some classic cocktails


Whisky literally means "water of life" and many connoisseurs would agree that the name is apt as the drink has sustained them through many a relaxed evening. Get familiar with the history of whisky and the complexity of this sophisticated drink in Nischal Gurung’s interactive whisky tasting and cocktail mixing session. Absolute beginners welcome!

Workshop agenda
  1. Whiskies from around the world – Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Tennessee and other
  2. History – how the word Whisky originated
  3. What Goes Into Making Whisky – Water, Grain etc.
  4. The Art of Making Whisky
  5. The Scotch - Regional differences, Styles and brands
  6. History – how the word Whisky originated
  7. How to Taste Whisky
  8. Understanding the Labels
  9. Mixing some Classic Whisky Cocktails– Old Fashion, Whisky Sour / Manhattan
  10. Whisky Tasting - In case you’re interested in knowing which kind of whiskies we’ll be tasting (and we know you are):
  • One Single Malt Scotch 
  • One Blended Scotch 
  • One Tennessee - Jack Daniels 
  • One Irish Whisky 
  • One Indian Whisky

  • There will also be a Question and Answer session

All students will be provided with a certificate from Mixologik at the end of the session

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