Webinar - Product Launch Best Practices for 2016-2017 and the 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid

Webinar - Product Launch Best Practices for 2016-2017 and the 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid


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About The Event

Institute of Product leadership take great pleasure in inviting you to the monthly series of Product Professionals networking event. Our theme for this event will be about Product Launch “Best Practices” for 2016-2017 & the 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid.

Deion -

Learn from the Legend driving Silicon Valley growth! 

Worldwide, tech companies seek “best practices” to accelerate growth : the tools and and frameworks to win in tough markets.
As a product leader you must know about the tools that have helped so many before you “Cross the Chasm” to hit the mainstream market and drive inspirational growth. You must also know about the seven worst pitfalls that cause seemingly great tech products or services to fail. Steer your business clear of these and keep it away from dissatisfied customers, a shaky reputation and helpless employees. Know the “7 Deadly Sins” so that you can avoid them!

IPL is proud to present a webinar by the legendary Michael Eckhardt of the Chasm Institute, where he will speak on these best practices and the sins to avoid.

For Registration, click this link : http://bit.ly/2beuV5g

Key Takeaways - 

Insights into growing your business and taking it from early stage to commercializing it in mainstream markets. Learning how tech companies can succeed with new products and solutions.

Who Should Attend -

Professionals in product/project/program management or marketing/engineering who want to learn to launch successful products.

Speakers Bio - 
Michael Eckhardt, Managing Director & Senior Program Leader, Chasm Institute

Michael Eckhardt is a Harvard MBA who has worked with over 90 technology-based businesses in 20 countries. Founded over 15 years ago, his clients with Chasm Institute include: Adobe, Cisco, HP, Citrix, AT&T Wireless, SAP, Agilent Technologies, QAD, Google, LMC Systems, Bluescape, NetApp, Jive Software, Autodesk, RSI, HotChalk, Mentor Graphics, and other high-tech leaders. Prof. Eckhardt has edited and contributed to several of Geoffrey Moore’s popular high-tech strategy books, including the 2016 version of the best-selling Crossing the Chasm, with all-new tech examples / best practices for driving new growth.