Webinar on MBA v/s PGDM: What should you choose

Webinar on MBA v/s PGDM: What should you choose


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About The Event

Tagmycollege.com invites you to a webinar to help you decide whether you should opt for an MBA or a PGDM.

 Tagmycollege.com is a first of its kind portal that brings you details of colleges, courses offered, degrees conferred, the various examinations needed for different colleges and courses, entrance examination procedures, including application dates, registration procedures, examination dates, by colleges in every Indian State and over most of the major cities and towns. Tagmycollege.com provides you with the easiest way to search for, identify and apply to the college of your choice.

 Most students are confused about the difference between an MBA and a PGDM.  Both cover business management studies. A two year management course conducted by a University grants a MBA degree while a PGDM is a Diploma given for a two year management course by an autonomous institution which is not affiliated to any University.

 This webinar will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of an MBA and a PGDM and will assist you in making up your mind about which of the two options is most appropriate for you and your life and career goals.

Register Now- http://www.bschool.tagmycollege.com/webinar/mba-vs-pgdm-webinar