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About The Event

You are being called.

You have been asking for 'something more' to do with your life.

You may be into any field of work or in any phase of your life.

You may have found your purpose.

You may be looking for something to live for.

VR edutrain is a unique ten month program that caters to anyone who is seeking more, better and beyond.

Do you want to experience 'more' of YOU ?

Would you like to have 'better' chances in life?

Do you wish for something way 'beyond' what most people desire?

Essentially, you become a life coach at the end of this program.

You already are in a way coaching yourself and the people you know and love.

Now, lets do it with an education.

Let there be a method to the madness. Life coaching is something that anyone can take up.

You can incorporate these principles in your current business, home, job, personality or vision.

You also get a chance to rediscover what you are meant to be,do and have. Either which way, you stand to gain. This curriculum is sure to make you come alive.

So, this is it. Connect and query long enough to know what's in it for you. There is something for everyone. This program is a fine blend of researched information and direct experience. An opportunity to remap both your life and career. As a life coach, you will pioneer a whole new awakening in all of humanity. We are inviting you to explore our 3d approach that follows the energetic blueprint of the human being.

If this calls you, you are the one.

Step in! BE a life coach.

DO your dreams.

HAVE it all.


VR edutrain is just 5 steps in 10 months and creating a life time of ease, joy and glory.

LEARN a new age method of real world education.

UNLEARN defeating habits and thought patterns.

EARN good money and a lot more than that.

RELEARN how to enjoy being who you really are.



YOUR TURN to create a route map to your vision.


Call 9248024562 to connect with us. We are currently situated in Red Hills, Hyd. INDIA

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