Book Online Tickets for Voice Over and Voicing Technique Worksho, Pune. On 27th & 28th August there is going to be a workshop on voice modulation & voice-overs in Pune city, Maharashtra. The workshop will elaborate basic to complex principles of voice modulation. Participants will be trained in voice-overs, commu

Voice Over and Voicing Technique Workshop


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About The Event

On 27th & 28th August there is going to be a workshop on voice modulation & voice-overs in Pune city, Maharashtra. The workshop will elaborate basic to complex principles of voice modulation. Participants will be trained in voice-overs, communication skills, voice modulation skills, throat exercises to improve control, and also dubbing techniques. This is going to be a great event for professionals who believe their careers can benefit from voice modulation, students who are exploring these or in fact any other streamline career options, key personnel that asserts influence over other individuals, and people who just think they need to learn how to manipulate voice.

What can you expect to gain?
• Training and certification in voice modulation & voice-over techniques. It reflects that you will be eligible to be a part of voice-over & other voicing production projects.
• You will be more likely to end up with job opportunities if you already are or are planning to be a show artist (Voicing is an industry of its own).
• Command of your voice.
• You will be more in control of how the message of communication is received by a listener.
• You will be more fluent in speech and hence you will be able to communicate confidently.
• You will be able to clearly convey what you mean with the character of your voice, reducing frustration.
• You will be able to give better presentations.
• You could speak fluently in more than one accent.
• An enhanced speech will mean more respect from your peers, family & superiors.

These are just a few fundamental implications of the workshop; the real life practical benefits are exponentially great. You will also be recording your own demo voice-over CD in a professional studio and studio microphone. This will increase the chances of you breaking into voicing industry by ten folds. You will also be registered in our pool of voicing talent that gets suiting job offers as they become available, as they always do. We have been working in the industry for a while and we are always looking for budding talent.

We urge you to register your spot as there are limited places.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
I.    These terms & conditions are about delivering value and about increasing transparency in our relationship so that you can make the best choices for you.

II.    The full payment of covers the cost of following:
    a.    Your attendance for the training program
    b.    One copy of the students course material for certification training
    c.    Assessment & Certification for certification training
    d.    Refreshments as per the course advertisement

III.    Course participant’s commitment
    a.    Course participant will pay in full, by the payment due date, for courses they have booked
    b.    Course participant will pro-actively and with an open mind participate in their training

IV.    Payment
    a.    International & remote payments are required to be made in full at the time of registration
    b.    For in-person payments, a minimum non-refundable deposit for an amount announced for each course individually, is required when making a booking for the full course. Remaining full payment must be made 15 days prior to start of the booked course.
    c.    In case of any privileged pricing earned by any participant, FULL payment MUST be made within 24 HOURS of booking your seat else the pricing offer will be withdrawn

V.    Attendance
    a.    It is the responsibility of the course participant to attend courses on which they are booked
    b.    Should the participant miss out on their attendance during the training, they will not be eligible for any refund.

VI.    Cancellations & Refunds
    a.    Option for cancellations & refunds is not available
    b.    Alternatively, you may transfer to a later program or provide a substitute delegate at the sole discretion of Professional Voice Overs and will attract fees which will be decided on a case to case basis. Requests for the same MUST be made in written communication.

VII.   Audio / Video Recording
    a.    Audio, Video, any other form of recording of the session by any participant is strictly not allowed. If anyone is found violating this condition, they will be liable to legal action.
    b.    If any recording is made by Shashank Joshi / Professional Voice Overs, all the participants will be informed.
    c.    Any recordings made by Shashank Joshi / Professional Voice Overs, will remain as Intellectual Property of Shashank Joshi / Professional Voice Overs to be used as deemed fit at any time on any platform whether offline or online.

VIII. After Training Support.

      a. Post Training Shashank Joshi/Professional Voice Overs does not guarantee any job or voice over assignment.

      b. Shashank Joshi/Professional Voice Overs will only provide assistance when and where possible.

      c. Shashank Joshi/Professional voice Overs will provide assistance only for first 60 days after the training. Post 60 days regular remuneration will be applicable.

Shashank Joshi/ Professional Voice Overs Reserves right to admission and certification.

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