Varanasi - The Gateway To Moksha

Varanasi - The Gateway To Moksha


  • Varanasi - A Gateway To Moksha

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About The Event

A contemporary Bharatanatyam dance production by the renowned Jyotsna Shourie Dance Centre. Join us and witness this mesmerising performance at the Stein Auditorium, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

"Varanasi - A Gateway to Moksha"
Varanasi is an ancient yet vibrant city, that has eternally been linked with religion and the attainment of peace and salvation. It is a city never forsaken by Lord Shiva. Here Parvati and he reside in their garden of bliss. Varanasi derives its name from the Varuna and the Asi rivers that originated from Lord Shiva at the beginning of time itself. Lying between these two rivers is the city of Varanasi, believed to be the holiest of all pilgrimage sites. It is here that Lord Shiva deputed his consort Annapurna to feed the hungry. It is a city predominated by the holy Ganga, which flows gently, absorbing the sins of millions. Through the medium of film and slides, time honoured characteristics of Varanasi are highlighted, that of temples, the ghats and the beautiful evening aarti. This is a city associated with religious rites that leads one to the cessation of the cycle of birth and rebirth.

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