UX INDIA 2018 International conference is the biggest conference on User Experience in India. UXINDIA2018 is happening at Bangalore, ITC Gardenia. UXI



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    4, 5 & 6 Oct.

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  • Workshop Days (4, & 5 October 2018)

    Workshop Days (4, & 5 October 2018) + UX Talent Fair

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  • Conference only ( 6 October 2018)

    Conference only ( 6 October 2018)

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  • UX Talent Fair Day only ( 5 October 2018)

    Workshops + UX Talent Fair Day ( 5 October 2018)

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About The Event

UXINDIA - India’s biggest international conference on user experience design 

UXINDIA is a confluence of thought leadership in design from the industry, the institution and the individual to ignite, inspire and delight communities through design-driven social change. It is a platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for better living by bringing the three essential pillars together. Educational institutions, industries, and international alliances need to work together to drive innovation and business by design.

User experience design is an approach to the design of products and services with a strong focus on the experience and impacts it creates for the people who use them. UXINDIA is organized by UsabilityMatters.Org(UMO) in association with various partners and sponsors every year to a great response and participation.

UXINDIA2018 event experience is managed by UiSER Innovations



Date and Venue
4,5 & 6th  October 2018. Bengaluru ITC Gardenia


See more at http://www.2018.ux-india.org 


Theme & Tracks

Being Human by Design

As the boundaries between humans and machines blur with the emergent tech, we are up for an exciting ride where the technology when designed responsibly could work beautifully. As demonstrated at recent Google I/O, assistive tech can seamlessly blend into our lives and offer great human experiences. On the flip side in a different example, Youtube auto-playing the next video within seconds backed by deep learning is eating into our sleep. This race for capturing the attention isn’t best for our well being. Going beyond UX/UI, the role of design becomes paramount than ever in designing experiences for humans that reflect a sense of responsibility and that instills trust and confidence in the emerging tech. Even if the boundaries are blurring, should there be a line drawn to differentiate machines with humans? What does it take to design experiences that bring the very essence of human to our interactions with tech? 

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Workshops & Talks

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