UpGrad Android Development Bootcamp

UpGrad Android Development Bootcamp


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About The Event

Join us for an Android Development Workshop preceeded by an ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session on Android Development with Industry Leaders on Sep 17 in Pune.

Join this bootcamp to:

  • Resolve all your queries about trends and opportunities in Android Development
  • Learn Android basics
  • Develop your first 'Text-to-Speech' App

Speakers for the event:

  1. Mr. Vishwesh Jirgale, Head - R&D Pune Center, Microsoft
  2. Mr. Akash Sureka, VP-Mobility, Persistent Systems
  3. Mr. Adnan A M, Android Developer, BookMyShow
  4. Mr. Vipul Shah, Android Software Engineer, Microsoft
  5. Mr. Kamlesh Sangani, Android Developer, Persistent Systems
  6. Mr. Rachit Goyal, SME - Android, UpGrad


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM : Panel Discussion on Android Development

11:00 AM - 02:00 PM : Get Started with Android Development Workshop


Syllabus for Android Development Workshop:

Learn to develop applications in the latest operating system with practical implementation.This workshop mainly focuses on how to use Android OS for building your own Android Application. Only the basic knowledge of programming is required for this workshop and you do not have to be a ninja for it! The workshop will start with understanding the Android basics like setting up your building environment, Layouts and Views, Activity and Activity Life-Cycle, Handling user interaction and end with deploying your app on playstore.


1. Introduction to Android


  • Android Architecture
  • IOS Vs Android
  • Scope as an Android App Developer


2. Understanding the Android coding environment


  • What are API levels?
  • Understanding Android Studio IDE
  • Understanding the file structure of an Android Studio project
    • Manifest file, Gradle, JAVA files, Res (values, menus, anim, drawable)
  • Introduction to JAVA and XML
  • Comparison of Front-End and Back-End development
  • Designing Front-end through XML


3. Layouts and Views


  • What are Layouts and Views
  • Working with various Layouts: Linear, Relative, Frame
  • Working with various Views: TextView, EditText, Button, ImageView, ScrollView, etc.
  • Nesting various Layouts
  • Modifying properties of Layouts and Views


4. Activity and Activity Life-Cycle


  • What is an Activity and its Life-Cycle?
  • Designing an Activity
  • Implementing life-cycle methods of an Activity
  • Attaching layouts to Activities


5. Handling User Interaction


  • Manipulating views within listeners
  • What is a listener?
  • Types of listeners
  • Creating Onclick listeners
  • Attaching Listeners on views
  • Manipulating views within listeners


6. Running our First App:


  • Running App on phone
  • Setting up virtual devices (Emulators)
  • Running Apps on emulators
  • Debugging Applications


7. Deploying App on Google Play Store:


  • Generating signed APK
  • Creating key store
  • Creating Google Play Store developer account
  • Uploading APK on Google Play Store


Who should attend:

  • Individual with basic knowledge of programming
  • Individual with willingness to learn new technologies
  • Individual looking to enter in the Android industry



  • Certification of participation
  • Working ‘Text-to-Speech’ App
  • Knowledge about Android basics

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