Unleash the giant within by tapping your infinite power

Unleash the giant within by tapping your infinite power


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About The Event

Our subconscious mind is the store-house of infinite energy, wisdom, guidance and abundance but most of it remains unused. This workshop aims to teach the simple practical steps for creating Alfa state and using the subconscious mind for creating growth and expansion in every dimensions. Lets direct the universal energy as well as your thoughts and beliefs to work for you rather than against you.

Our subconscious mind holds infinite power. It can provide intuition, guidance, inspiration and almost anything. By using its infinite power you can stretch your limits. It holds the blue-print of success, prosperity and abundance.

Practical session will aim on creating the Alfa state and harnessing it to create the life of your dreams.

Every topic will include:

Theory- A short introduction of topic.
Practical session- It includes a guided meditation, NLP exercise, hypnotherapy exercise to bring it into practice.

Morning session:

Goal setting- Learn art of setting goal, that pulls you into action mode and keeps you going.
Unstoppable Self-confidence courage building- Any great achievement needs 10% competence and 90% confidence. Lets demolish the conditioning of low self esteem and create self love and a roaring self-confidence
Cleansing the mental house- Erase negative emotions like fear, depression, stress, anxiety, guilt and convert it into joy, passion, courage and enthusiasm.
Practical session -on converting fear based emotions into love based emotions and Self forgiveness to break mischief–> Guilt –> Mischief cycle.
Power of gratitude; Harnessing the power of gratitude for multiplying abundance and blessings.
Creating a conscious and tranquil mind- Very simple technique to remain conscious throughout the day. Remember; if the master is awake, a thief can’t steal anything from house. Remember outside is an effect of inner environment. Once conscious ,you create a balance within and hence; everything falls automatically at place.

Learn Basic meditation; to create a balanced mind.

Afternoon session:

Art of instant relaxation- Relax instantly and handle the task at hand like a play. In the state of relaxation u can handle stress easily and perform better.
Change Thoughts & Beliefs- Our life is a mirror of our thoughts and beliefs. change destructive thoughts with empowering beliefs that keeps you going
Achieving Burning inspiration- We are provided with Unlimited potential. But the best ability of a human being can only be accessed in an inspired state. Learn how to be inspired so you become unstoppable.
Law of attraction- You can achieve anything provided your vibration matches with the universe. Just asking for something is not enough, You must create a state which communicates in proper way with universe. How fun it would be to create health, wealth, expand business, attract good relationship effortlessly.
Achieving health and healing- a balanced mind resides in a healthy body. teaches healing meditation which heals chronic diseases and also maintains every cell of body in a vibrant state.
Sleep management- enhance the quality of your sleep. say bye to insomnia. Learn to programme your mind for peace and success by instructing your sub-conscious in sleep. You will also learn a 10 minute mini sleep technique to rejuvenate your body and refresh your mind quickly.

What will you learn (Take homes):

Harness your hidden powers of subconscious mind for success and happiness.
Achieve total self confidence.
Clear the blocks of subconscious which holds you back.
Use Law of attraction to enhance your magnetism to create money, job, relationship and opportunities.
NLP techniques for releasing negative memories that restricts from moving forward.
Get healthy body and learn to heal the diseases.
Get a focussed mind with a sharp mind to achieve anything you dream.
Tapping inner wisdom as and when needed.
Aligning with universe and create abundance.
Easy self hypnosis method to beat anxiety, insomnia and depression.
Basic meditation to achieve peace, calmness and relaxation.
Use Your Power to Get What You Want In Life.
Charge your cells with life force and vitality .


1. Tea/Coffee with Cookies
2. Lunch

Energy Exchange: Rs. 4000
Facilitator: Dr. Peeyush Prabhat (https://www.thesilverlining.co.in/peeyush)

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2. Email us on aman@thesilverlining.co.in, with your name and contact number

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