Unique science short courses

Unique science short courses


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About The Event

Bored of the regular schooling? Check out the cool experiments and discover a fun way to escape the boredom!


Change yourself into a 2 week scientist and explore the “imagine that” science workshop designed specifically to help you ask the How, When, Where and Why of science.


Delve into the world of chemistry and physics which is guaranteed to capture your attention and catapult you into a path of knowledge and Fun!!



Grade 2nd to 4th (For Amateur Scientist Junior)

Grade 5th to 7th (For Amateur Scientist Seniors)


Duration: 2hrs (10 Days/ Two Weeks)


For More info:

Call:  - 8197089425 , 9900616417,

Visit:   Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gyanpro

Website :http://www.gyanpro.com/

Email: enquiry.gyanpro@gmail.com

"Looking for some bind blowing science facts? Interested in learning the mind breaking theories in a very simple way? Its all possible in GYANPRO. visit our websitewww.gyanpro.com to find out whats happening the http://gyanpro.com/science-exhibition.htmlScience World. 

Our Science Blogs are on ( write all the 4 categories )

Please also do see our activities and explore how you can involve yourself in those activities and discover your true self." 


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GYAN about WHAT – WHY – HOW ?


Scientist Of The Past Who Shaped Our Present And Future 




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