Two day Hypnosis and NLP Workshop (Bangalore)

Two day Hypnosis and NLP Workshop (Bangalore)


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About The Event

Humans are a blessed race. Human subconscious mind is storehouse of huge potential. Most of us are going through the life unaware of this potential. And all that you need is the way to tap into this vast reservoir of abundance and ways to reprogram this amazing supercomputer to work for you.

We invite you to join us for two days special Hypno-NLP workshop in Bangalore.


​Program Name: Hypno-NLP Training in Bangalore

October 8 – 9, 2016 (9:00AM-6:00PM both days)

Trainer:Naresh Kumar(NLP Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist)

Venue: 2nd Floor, above IFB point, 27th Main, HSR Layout, Bangalore

Program Fee: INR 15000   6500/- Only


What will you get from Hypno-NLP Training in Bangalore


Introduction to Hypnosis: What is hypnosis? Myths about Hypnosis. And how can hypnosis help you taking your life forward.

Mind Basics: What is conscious and subconscious mind, and how can you use this knowledge to your benefit by reprogramming your mind.

Rapid Inductions: Dave Elman Induction for Inducing trance in 2-4 minutes

Instant Inductions: Instantly induce trance in less than 10 seconds.

Self-Hypnosis: New instant self-hypnosis techniques to reprogram your mind and come out in 30 seconds. Learn 3 techniques for self-hypnosis.

Magic finger installation: How to program magic finger to communicate with the subconscious mind.

Hypnotic Anesthesia: How to induce hypnosis for pain management.

Illness and healing: How the mind manifests illnesses and well-being.

Suggestions: Guidelines to create effective suggestions.

Belief Change: How to change negative beliefs and install positive beliefs.

NLP Techniques

Rapport building: Build Rapport with anyone in 90 seconds or less.

Presentation skills: How to use NLP to impress your audience in trainings or sales presentations.

Lie detection: How to become a human lie detector and instantly figure out incongruence in the speaker’s talk and mind.

SMARTer goal setting: How to set goals which will continuously pull you towards them and the subconscious mind will work for you to achieve those goals rather than install obstacles on the way.

Set milestones using subconscious mind: These are milestones which the subconscious mind will willingly help you achieve.

Smart Triggers: Program triggers for yourself to access confidence, motivation, relaxation etc instantly.

Manage your brain: Techniques for handling stress, anxiety and phobias in a matter of seconds.

Creating instant state change: Learn to change your state from negative to positive in less than 30 seconds.

Law of Attraction using NLP: How to use NLP to install goals in future which will attract you towards them.

BONUS Material

E-books worth INR 5,000/- (First 5 participants only)


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or call: +91 9108008584

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