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About The Event

The "Traine the Trainer" course is suitable for anyone who aims to become better at training. The research on best training methodologies is used in the course both as content (to be taught to delegates) and as the underlying training methodology (to transfer these skills to delegates). This dual approach makes the course much more effective which means it can deliver more content at any given time.


Who Should Attend ?

  • Corporate leaders
  • Trainers  
  • Free Lance Trainers
  • HR Mangers
  • Teachers
  • Sales Executives/Managers
  • Middle /Senior Executives
  • Coaches
  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Speakers 
  • Personality development trainers







  • Science of setting and reaching goals
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Art of inspiring others 
  • Language Re Framing 

FREE- 50 Additional Modules on Training with Training Manuals, participant’s manuals, Training games and training ice breakers. 

Here's What You'll Receive With Every Trainer Toolbox…

  • Complete Source Files (Microsoft Powerpoint And Microsoft Word)
  • Detailed Learning Presentation
  • Participant Manual (Print As Many Copies As Required)
  • Post Course Action Plan For Participants
  • Training Icebreakers
  • Training Games, Training Guides
  • Pre-Course Tests For Participants
  • Course Evaluation Form
  • Recommended Reading

Tarun Ahuja: Trainer’s Profile

Tarun is a Corporate Leadership Trainer/Certified Hypnotherapist/ NLP Practitioner/ Directive Communication Certified International Leadership Trainer, Success & Business Coach, Motivator & Speaker.

Tarun is a Professional trainer of global credentials and history of contributing training expertise in promoting professional excellence across diverse functional disciplines. He has demonstrated matured professional grip in designing & delivering high impact training modules catering to the specialized needs of corporate and individuals. With extraordinary public speaking, behavioral and selling skills with capability to instill the essence of these traits among trainees to develop them into improved performers.

 Tarun has proven competencies in application of modernized training methodology to generate far reaching impact on the psyche of all levels of participants and liberate the hidden human potential.

 His entrepreneurial passion led to birth of „Peak Performance Trainings Pvt. Ltd. ( – a training organization with mission of providing customized trainings to business houses, institutions and individuals.

 Tarun is being featured in India Top most dailies like “The Hindu”, ”Times of India”, ”Indian Express” and “Business Dairy”

 Credited with producing an Audio CD on “LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM” and publishing a book on the topic- “maximizing success and experiencing extraordinary achievement”.

 Taruns can really involve people with his high energy leadership trainings based on psychology of peak performance.. He has already delivered his motivational stoke leadership programs for Modicare,MegaBio, SkyQuest, Jockey, Airtel, Sait Gobian, Indian Army,Winalite,Britsh Airways, Ntresh Builders and Manipal Group and a number of other companies across India an Abroad. He also conducts open programs on Leadership Intelligence, Public Speaking and Mastery in Sales. 


Quoted in The Hindu NewsPaper

 “The matters of mind are not easy to handle but Tarun Ahuja knows the game well. The trainer involved in the sphere for over a decade has closely worked with corporate giants like Airtel, British Airways, Indian Army, Saint Gobain imparting mind techniques to their staff in order to increase their productivity and thus be more successful. Based in Bangalore, the trainer showed up in the field through tie-up with Zig Ziglar and is now on his own. He works strategically to train his protégés and is a strong believer of the master strategist Lord Krishna.”

 Quoted in The Business Diary Magazine

 “Mr. Tarun Ahuja, driven by passion to train people, is one of the fastest rising stars in the world of trainings. He is an electrifying speaker and a powerful leadership trainer. He has trained more than 50,000 people and his programmes are received with rare enthusiasm by people from all walks of life.”

Quoted in The Times Of India Daily

“Human Beings have potential, which is very rarely tapped; powerful training can motivate ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things and their way to un-limited personal success”

 Quoted in Indian Express News paper

 “Mr. Tarun Ahuja, narrated a story close to 300 people, who listened and were spell-bound as he shared tips on how to go up the ladder of success soon. His workshops work beyond just personality development and are concrete examples on what attitudes to develop. One main session is on transformational vocabulary how to express emotions with appropriate words.”

Tarun’s Testimonials

 “The training sessions were immensely useful for the participants who at the end of the programme, could draw a parallel to the learning‟s between their personal and professional lives. This learning, have shown a extremely positive impact to the performances in their respective Customer Service standards wherein the ratings have risen and constant at a score of 97.8% across India in the past 4 years. Would like to give Mr. Tarun Ahuja the credit for making the Team in TT Logistics open their potential and bring about a change in their individual perception to achieve the organizational goals. “Capt. Murugan Chellappa (British Airways)

  “Your trainings have the 'NORTH STAR' effect.The North Star knows not what he means to travelers but people travel from one continent to another just by its guidance. When guidance is constant, the only variable is success. It only constantly increases. Your training sessions and material have been of immense help in guiding me to conduct business and be inspired to achieve more. The beauty of it is that it is all very simple, practical and can be applied easily to yield tremendous results.It is evident that the training material is all world-class and tremendous effort has been put to ensure that only the best material is distributed. The content has always been very powerful and motivating. When applied these trainings have the power to transform one's life. It has been a fantastic experience that has changed my life to a great extent.” Satyan S. Punjabi -CEO

“The training has helped all the people in transforming the ideas, thought process and attitudes towards life. I have myself found the training program to be very useful. It has helped me in many ways especially, the modules on Goal setting, Decision Making and Improving self  Image.”Lt.Col. Parbate (Indian Army)

 “The Program was conducted extremely well and time management was good. All the work outs that we did actually made us think about the shortcomings we have and make a conscious effort to overcome it. The participant manual; is very concise and informative about the basics of presentation skills.”Mr. Sudhir Shenoy (Saint – Gobain)

 “The program was very effective and useful for our day to day functioning. The suggestions given was implementable and actionable.”Mr. Biju R. Naik (Air-tel)

 Program was very good specially on soft skills for Presentation /Public speaking. Many aspectswhich we were not aware, were highlighted and definitely will enable us to improve. Best part of the training was interactive session and working on the very basic of human behavior during presentation. It is very good for youngsters to build the confidence and experienced executives to recollect and rejuvenate the basics.”Mr. Subhasis Nandi (Saint-Gobain)

 This program has bee very instrumental in developing skills on how to make effectivepresentation. At the close of the training, I admit that I am more confident and have overcome most of the fear. Would continue ad excel by repetitive performance. Thanks to Mr. Tarun for taking personal care ad involvement to make this program richer.”Mr. A. Radhakrishna (Air – tel)

 “Yes…truly…your trainings have been very much of help to me…it has inspired me to find the true meaning of life, it has made me clear that only "I" can take charge of my life. It has help me to over come some of the conditions which was put down by my people around me,,, mostly superstitious belief' has helped me to know my weakness and identify my strengths and utilize it and frankly speaking I was surprised by your ''mirror effect'' recommendation-- I used to talk to my self in front of the mirror before going to write my exam saying that---" the paper will be very easy and will be able to get 60 to 70 percent" in my weak subject-"mathematics" [which I am very week from childhood] and to my surprise I did very well in the exam and followed the same experiment in my other subjects too--I believe me "it worked"..!!! I am very happy with the kind of help that the training is providing it to me, by making me to cope up with both my profession and personal life..!!! Manoj (IIPM)

 “The Training Modules has really helped me in understanding the importance of life n what are the tools to be used to make it more beautiful. It has shown me the path of thinking big and also made me very strong in achieving them. The training has definitely helped me in my career as well as in my personal life.”Lakshmi L. - Businesswoman

“I am M Nagaraj, Govt. service, Hyderabad aged 44 years.The trainings are superb. They helped me to visualize, focus, taking action & taking control of life in all aspects i.e., self, family, society, business, finance &health etc., & also to face any sort of problems in life” M. Nagaraj - Hyderabad

 “This programme is very very valuable asset for not only pensioner, also effective to all people. This programme gives knowledge about value of time, present and management system to all. This programme is foundation stone of success, humility, energy and good leadership.” LU. K.  Subramani (Retd.) – Indian Army

“Thank you very much for your e-mails on the 'Training Modules'.The contents really awake us and give us an encouraging push for a positive approach to any task!The Tips really apply to our day to day life activities and are thought provoking.There is definitely a logic behind the points that have been formulated and they are not mere statements. I have decided to refer to them till I inherent them !”S. Murari  Software Engineer in Multimedia Firm

“Dear Tarun, I feel like writing volumes in praise of what was imparted to me ,it was awesome. A whole lifetime is short to express what I have gained from this training. Its the biggest and most precious gift of my life. Thanks and my positive prayers for the best things in life for you.

You are Great. I salute you and your training, with a bunch of smiles and gratitude, I remain indebted to you and DC for the rest of my life. Rakhee Julka. Sales coordinator kirtimeditech

Dear Tarun,It was an out of the world experience to undergo the Peak Performance DCTraining program. Each word of this training is so motivating, encouraging, interesting and full of energy that I actually feel like I have got a rebirth. I am a transformed person with a totally different outlook about life and it will take me to my goal and make my dream come true. I wish every individual on Earth could go through DC seminar and I am sure our planet will be a peaceful and much more healthy and happy place to live. Thanks for enlightening my life. training has left me smiling,laughing,focusing and just moving ahead ...not alone, along with others. Its the ultimate experience I have felt in life. Hats off to Tarun Ahuja who trains fantastically and has unparalleled talent to transform lives. Blessed are the ones who attend this training. Its just TOO GOOD. Thanks a ton and a heap of gratitude.  Rakhee Julka. Sales

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