The Business Mentoring Connect -   Entrepreneurship Clinic

The Business Mentoring Connect - Entrepreneurship Clinic


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About The Event

The Business Mentoring  and Clinic Connect

SGC Enterprises.. Entrepreneurial mentoring and Outreach initiative offers and invites you to engage as follows ...


Time: 9:30am to 13:30am including breakfast.


Location :


Rs. 1450  - 1,750 per person.    

Exact fee Based on assessment and interview on two options.

option 1  Register by paying  1750/- , step 2  on completion of workshop  select   participants shall be refunded inr 350 Rs   based   on a internal  workshop chairman  assessment  of a panel     

option 2  Register after the  perswonal   interview and   assessment  process  completion as indicated 

option 3   Register   on venue   @1750/- .no other conditions 


Procedure   :

To register
SMS your name and yes.. SGC.BusinessMentoring on +918341269822

or thorough event url  


Key Deliverables

Learn how you can train yourself to believe in yourself and achieve what you decide and more through an incredible new entrepreneur platform thats been created. The   power if  Visioning  to Execution that  never   fails  your Business ..irrsepctive of yoru Domain and Geography of   Operations 


It has the best of 4 things that Entrepreneurs and Business Owners like you really need and are looking for:

1. Business Audit and Trainings - practical, proven and tested ideas in business growth and productivity hacking for entrepreneurs.

2. Business Mentoring - Hand holding to implement those ideas in your business that have come to you but are unsure how to take it forward.

3. Peer to peer followup and personal accountability :to make sure that you get the right environment ND peer group support to follow through in a positive way to target outcomes.

4. Crowds sourcing ideas and Masterminding - using crowd wisdom to help you brainstorm how to fast track your # 1 goals for 2016. being a part of the learning platform  that gets formed  beyond the workshop .social media enabled and managed by SGC Entrpreneurial  initiatives and   Development Initiatives

in Partnership with

Gapskills (  )


Dr.Bhulakshmi |GapSkills Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India

Direct: 040-40165911 


 Mobile+91 9393365639




 Dr. Syed Ali Luqman Hussaini  |Empower  Services  Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India

Direct: +91 9440371031


 Mobile+91  9440371031


Assoc. Prof. at AAKCBA, 
Behaviour Trainer & Life Coach.


Sanjay Gadhalay 

Program Coordinator

Business Mentor Incubator and Enhancer.


Aided  by  MS Bhulakshmi  and  Dr. Syed Ali Luqman 

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