The Accidental Abstinence of the Now by Yayati Godbole

The Accidental Abstinence of the Now by Yayati Godbole


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About The Event

What: An Art Exhibition by Yayati Godbole


When: Till Wednesday 31st August 2016


Time: 10am - 7.30pm from Monday to Saturday & 11am – 4pm on Sundays


Where: Art & Soul, 11 Madhuli, Shivsagar Estate, Worli, Mumbai, Ph: 022 2496 5798



"The mind is never still, it is constantly traversing. Traversing through the dark depths of melancholy or floating amongst the puerile of the Past. Or wandering with exuberance and trepidation in arms through the blinding dazzle of the unknown. And in the vast arena of the mind the manifestations of the past and future come together, to create a pattern, a friction, a collision, sometimes dominating or sometimes just a mere hint of its presence. This constant battle to maintain the balance between That What Was and That What Will Be, creates The Accidental Abstinence of the Now."


The works on paper and canvas by Yayati are a heady combination of bold strokes with intricate finely executed details and are an expression of the state where the mind is oscillating between the past and the future. While Yayati has worked exclusively on a flat surface, he has also worked with objects like the humble table clock when used as a canvas has acquired a deeper meaning as it captures the thought of The Now being lost to the perpetual oscillation of the mind. It re-emphasizes the fact that the moment "which was" or the moment "that will be" are more of importance as the hands are still and time has stopped at one juncture and the mind is reliving those moments. 


The stories told through the artworks, are introspective and express the poignancy of the moment, thought or dream. They capture, what is called reading in between the line, the sub text, like peeling the layers to reach to the core. It is almost as if the characters conjured are capturing the sounds of the universe that is silent. A silence that reverberates and alters the way we perceive things live our lives and relate to each other. The works at a glance appear as deceptively simple renditions, but a closer look reveals that the tonal variation is achieved by the density and intricacies of the patterns. It is an act of meditation that has created these mesmerizing details. Like the deft manipulation of black ink to build intricate motifs. Even when colour is used, it more as an adjunct to enhance the complexity of the black ink work, which akin to a jeweler chasing details.


About Yayati Godbole 


As a child, Yayati was surrounded by art. Paint brushes, colours, papers were the natural choice of recreation and kept him engaged for hours. Always good at drawings, Yayati followed the footsteps of his illustrious father Avinash Godbole and began his career in advertising and has worked with renowned multinational agencies. After over 20 years in the field of advertising, Yayati turned towards painting.

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