Telangana Got Talent Grand Finale

Telangana Got Talent Grand Finale


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About The Event

Telangana has 15 lakh students studying in the age group 17-25. Stumagz is an online platform

which connects colleges and helps students to showcase their talents. In this endeavour, we

present you “Telangana’s Got Talent “. It is the one of its kind Platform for students from10

districts of Telangana to show case their talents in areas like Singing, Dancing and Arts.


Students will be participating in 3 different categories

1. Singing

2. Dancing

3. Arts(Ventriloquism, Sand Art, Mimicry, Others)


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Terms & Conditions

Dear Participant, The following are the terms and conditions:

  • This Competition is open to all students of any Telangana region in the age limit of 17-25 yrs..
  • Entry without registration is restricted.
  • On-line and spot registration both are encouraged. Every participant in case of group or duet performance is required to register, without which such participation is restricted.
  • Contesting participants must submit their application forms before the deadline and ensure all information supplied is true and complete.
  • To facilitate arrangement, contesting teams are requested to produce their confirmation upon arrival.
  • Every participant must have a valid Id card of the respective Institution.
  • Late arriving teams may be denied admission to the venue after the contest has started.
  • Winners will be scored based on the following Technique Overall stage performance Artists appeal Uniqueness Audience reviews and Critic review. Any act containing vulgar or explicit lyrics/actions/content will not be allowed. Contestants who during their performance, use any obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate behavior or gestures, including without limitation those referencing or depicting violence, nudity or explicit activity. Or which are not in the spirit of the contest or do not meet Right Process Infotech. standards for any reason.
  • Performance Time should not exceed 5 minutes (including the equipment’s set-up time). Ensure that equipment’s are working properly prior to occupying the stage.
  • Participants competing in arts and dance field should bring their own props and instruments, event management will not provide any of it.
  • By submission of an application and entering into this contest, each contestant represents and warrants his or her compliance with these rules and regulations of Right Process Infotech. No contestant (s) will be permitted to contest unless he or she has acknowledged and agreed to these rules and regulations. All decisions and interpretations regarding the contest, its rules and the selection of the winner remain with the judges, Right Process Infotech (Stumagz), its agents, and representatives, and are final.
  • The organisers may disqualify a contesting team for violating any contest rule or in special circumstances.
  • Show respect to others and do not disturb other contestants. In case of default, the organisers will issue warning or disqualify the defaulting party.
  • Lunch will be available at the venue and is not the responsibility of the organizing team.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change any of the above rules without prior notice.

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