Book Online Tickets for TALAMASCA Live and More 17th July-Sunday, Pune. ★★TALAMASCA Live ★★17th July★★Sunday-Karma Digital-5th Anniversary ★★Promo Gig!Presale Info:Total-100 Tickets1st Phase-700rs(50 Tickets)2nd Phase-1000rs(50 Tickets)Alternatively you can pay at the venue on the day of gig-1200rsInfos-C

TALAMASCA Live and More 17th July-Sunday-Pune


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About The Event

★★TALAMASCA Live ★★17th July★★Sunday-Karma Digital-5th Anniversary ★★Promo Gig!
Presale Info:
Total-100 Tickets
1st Phase-700rs(50 Tickets)
2nd Phase-1000rs(50 Tickets)
Alternatively you can pay at the venue on the day of gig-1200rs

Talamasca-France-Dacru/Mind Contol Records

Talamasca is a PsyTrance Project based in Paris, France.
Cedric Dassulle is playing all over the world since 1992...under the name of Dj Lestat first, then, under the name of Talamasca...for dancefloors !. 

Primarily a solo project by Cédric, Talamasca was founded in 1996 with Steve Eli and Javier De Galloy that were at that time house producers and had their own music studio. They decided to cooperate on a trance project and founded Talamasca. Steve and Javier gave all the possible advices to Cedric, who after six tracks continued Talamasca on his own, releasing over 100 tracks in the years to come. 
The name "Talamasca" is derived from the name of a society of psychic detectives in the books of Anne Rice. 

Cédric is very energetic, travels all around the world and has many friends amongst other psy-trance artists. Many tracks were also made in cooperation with other producers, such as Nomad, Oforia, Space Cat, and Xerox.ia. Signed to Vertigo Records. His debut album released in 2005. 

✈️FRACTAL DIMEN5ION (Green Wizards Rec/Universal Dance Rec)
Fractal Dimen5ion is the alter ego of drummer Shaurya Shah born in 1993 in Bombay. His sets have a versatility between energy & groove to make every dance floor move. It was in early 2009, he entered the psychedelic scene & quickly developed a strong bonding with fast flowing beats moving energies at a trance party in Goa. 
Since then, he has showed dedication & promise for his love for music and found his roots in phat bass lines playing around in India. He mastered his ears further in London, UK. Synchronically, the results were pleasant experiments on dance floors with an intriguing expedition to the other side of the console. He has been moving dance floors with music which needs utmost precision & has shared the stage with many big names of the psychedelic scene like Technical Hitch, Fungus Funk, Fobi, Bombax, OxiDaksi, Para Halu, Arjuna, Spaghetti Brain, Malice in Wonderland, Mr.Pink, Zik, Upgrade, Junxpunx, Confo, Naima, Wiki Leadz, Mad Scientist, Loud, Zaiklophobia, Carlos & many more.

He also founded Underground Interstellar in 2014.


He is an upcoming young talent based in pune. Focousing on the morning time psychedelic, varying from Goa style to Full on, he ensures his music to sound promising to the listeners, creating a vibe which resembles the old school goa trance.

Inspite of being into the scene for such a short time he has shared the stage with many renowned names such as Talamasca, Electric Universe, Jo Moontribe, S.T.U, Dirty Saffi, Nuky, Psymmetrix, Samadhi, Alta, Mad Scientist, Dj Note and a few more.

✈️ Vaibhav Thacker // #Psyclipse
Psyclipse is a project of Vaibhav Thacker, Who is born n brought up in Mumbai, India. Started his music career back in 2008 as a musician (Guitarist). Got introduced to psytrance in 2011 in Goa. Started playing gigs as a DJ in 2014 and later turning some super classic rock tunes into psytrance he started playin a Live Guitar Set with psytrance music. Have shared stage with artists like Upgrade, Pantomiman, Fungus Funk, Digicult, Cosmosis, Fobi, Hilight Tribe, Loud, Mr. Pink aka Jovis, Mad Scientist, Bombax, Arjuna, Giuseppe, Spagettibrain, Terra Tech, Ocelot, Zaiklophobia to name a few.

✈️Rajat Roy aka EchoTonic has been following electronic Music since 2006 along that he has been a Resident DJ for some of the Best Night Clubs around. Later his is passion learning more styles of music drove him towards Psychedelic sounds and started DJing at underground partied in india and around.
Using his collective memory and experience as a music from, he tries to gather intergalactic spiritual power into one pure energy to give creation, will power unity and self respect. that where the EchoTonic Project has been born in order to open minds and imcrease consciousness.

No Re-Entry 

knapsacks be handed over to security for storage.

We reserve the right to refuse service/entry if we deem a guest’s behavior to be offensive in any way to other guests or staff members.

-Guests will be subject to security searches on entry.

-If a guest appears intoxicated, we reserve the right not to serve them alcoholic beverages and to escort them off the premises


Please Use Dedicated Smoking Zone Inside The Club

-The club and its external areas are Drug Free Zones.

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