Success to Happiness Series - Stand Up, Speak Up

Success to Happiness Series - Stand Up, Speak Up


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About The Event

A bad chapter in life does not define your life!

Similarly, if you find it difficult to Articulate & Confidently speak your thoughts it does not mean you won't be successful in life, provided you work upon this weakness sincerely, if possible with a able support !




Most of us... may it be a Student, Professional, Entrepreneur or even as an Individual have experienced this difficulty. Wherein either we choke out of FEAR, ANXIETY, SHYNESS or INABILITY to remember stuff during a presentation, speech, meeting or a job interview.




Believe me, I have gone thru this difficult stage in life with very little support around. I have lived thru those terrible moments, the neck breaking pressure and experienced, that failing to speak up when it matters most is the most psychologically damaging thing to self and family. I am sure, you too will agree that while we are going thru it;


1.We feel inferior to everyone around us.
2.Guilt of failure is killing, making life a living hell everyday.
3.We loose on opportunities, both on professional and personal fronts.
4.Repeated failures dent our image socially, we are tagged as looser.
5.We experience withdrawal feelings, which disconnects us from external world, thus killing the very purpose of life.




In such a miserable situation, we have only two choices... either to RUN AWAY or to FIGHT BACK ! I decided to learn and fight back and that is what made me into a SUCCESSFUL HR PROFESSIONAL AND COACH.




One blessed day, as a high school student I stood to deliver my essay speech but failed miserably, as my voice choked out of stage fear thousands of in audience had the best laugh riot of their life at me. Instead of running away, I stood like a rock and promised myself there on stage that I will not allow this humiliating failure to destroy me psychologically.




I promised myself, one day I will be back with a bang and thus the incident changed me. The transformation was so strong, that today I mentor people who wish to be successful and happy... Believe me its a awesome feeling :-) !




Come, lets overcome these meaningless fears, anxieties and shyness !


Come, lets walk on this journey called "Success to Happiness" !



If you are looking for such support & guidance, I welcome you to My PAN INDIA Personal Development Workshops especially for such Students, Professionals and Individuals, who wish to overcome this weakness and aspire to be more Confident so as to achieve sustained "Success and Happiness @ Life :-)" !


This is not a typical communications skill training programme but a "Transformational Experience" by way of practical learnings. Book your seats now to be a WINNER, Also look around and share with all those who too should too benefit with you :-) !




1st Workshop @ NASIK, MAHARASHTRA on 21st JAN 2016


2nd Workshop @ Pune, Maharashtra on 24th JAN 2016


3rd Workshop @ Gurgaon on 6th Feb 2016


4th Workshop @ Jaipur on 7th Feb 2016


5th Workshop @ Ahmednagar on 13th Feb 2016


6th Workshop @ Aurangabad, Maharashtra on 14th Feb 2016




Feel free to contact me @ 8805988387 or email at !




I look forward to meet you soon :-) !

Wish You A Blessed Life Always !


 My Interview by India's Leading Business Magazine "Corporate Citizen"

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