Stress Management Workshop

Stress Management Workshop


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About The Event


Workshop on Stress Management and Time Management

Dear Stress, Let’s Breakup!!!

Depression caused by stress is emerging as top most reason for sickness and suicide in recent times. News about techies, managers, officers, committing suicide and increasing divorce rate has become a common item in newspapers and doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists are busy treating people with stress related diseases. Some people can easily handle stress whereas others struggle to manage even slightest tension.

By developing a positive perspective of life, work and people around us, we develop capacity to adapt to stress, manage it and overcome it.

One chief reason for stress currently is the demand on the time of people. As a result of professional challenges, deadlines, targets, etc., people are unable to balance their personal lives, leading to more stress in their life.


eMpoweR ServiceS Training Organization is coming up with a workshop on Stress and Time Management on 23rd Oct, 2016.

Benefits from workshop:

  • You develop positive perspective towards your life leading to ability to manage stress easily.
  • You learn physiological and psychological techniques to overcome stress.
  • You learn how to manage time effectively so as to avoid and overcome stress.
  • You learn to identify and eliminate major time wasters from your routine, to be able to do important tasks and to be able to avoid and overcome stress.

Who shall attend:

  • Managers who have tight schedules and big or challenging teams to manage
  • Employees who have huge targets to achieve and challenging working conditions
  • Professionals who are ambitious and want to achieve more in less time
  • Women and men who are finding it difficult to balance their professional and personal lives
  • Anyone who is undergoing stress or difficulty in managing time

Date: 23rd October, 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 10 am to 4 pm.

Venue: Radiant Hospitals, Road no. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Early Bird*: Rs. 1200/- (Register for 4 and get the 5h ticket free)
Regular: Rs. 1500/- (Register for 3 and get the 4th ticket free)
Spot Registration: Rs. 2000/- (Register for 3 and get the 4th ticket free)
* For Early Bird: Register on or before 19th Oct and get 20% discount. 


For details: Call or email: +91 995 1383 995; visit us at


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