Stand-UP Day Thane : Kunal Kamra, Vaibhav Sethia, Gaurav  Kapoor, MRP

Stand-UP Day Thane : Kunal Kamra, Vaibhav Sethia, Gaurav Kapoor, MRP


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About The Event

 Stand-up day brings the laugh riots to Thane for the first time! Experience the best stand up comedians all lined up with sneaky comments and sarcastic punches to tickle you silly.Be prepared to have your internals hurt the next day from laughing too much. So get ready for one of the best evenings of insane comedy right here in Thane.


 Kunal Kamra has a career in advertising which has made him so jaded and frustrated that he does stand-up in order to satisfy his need to ridicule and mock what he sees in his daily life. He's an observational comedian, and is known for his weird and twisted take on things. He's brutally honest and incisive and his material is fresh, edgy and hilarious.


 Gaurav Kapoor sounds like a celebrity name but he is only a short boy from Delhi who is actually a fully grown man. Apart from a day job, the only thing he has going for him is that he is funny. So funny in fact that he has won every open mic competition on the Mumbai circuit including Big Mic, Canvas Laugh Club, Chalta Hai and Buzz Off and has opened for Russell Brand on his India tour. His favorite topics are Jaat culture, people who buy Royal Enfields and poverty, mostly his own. His friends say that the stories he narrates off stage are even funnier but we may never know. Gaurav claims to be a Bachelor of Art in Journalism and is understandably working in the retail sector. Having recently changed his name from Kapur to Kapoor, he is hoping being neurologically correct will add two inches to his height.


 It was a bright sunny morning and Vaibhav hated it. So he slept again. He loves potential energy, hates kinetic energy. Laying in bed he scribbled what he calls 'bookmark moments' of life. Today he calls them jokes. Come see him perform them and experience the release of endorphins.

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