Book Online Tickets for Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Workshop, Mumbai. Are you Stressed? Financially stuck? 
Are you compromising between Spritual Growth, Seva & Money?
Do you want to be Happy? Peaceful & Rich?
Discover the Secret to a Happy, Peacerul & Rich life in Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Worksho

Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Workshop


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About The Event

Are you Stressed? Financially stuck? 

Are you compromising between Spritual Growth, Seva & Money?

Do you want to be Happy? Peaceful & Rich?

Discover the Secret to a Happy, Peacerul & Rich life in Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Workshop.


All our problems can be traced to Lack of Spiritual Growth & Lack of Money( Material Prosperity)

This is because we are never taught Happiness & Prosperity principles in Schools, Colleges or Professional Cources leading to stress, boredom, poverty, unhappiness, strained relationships, financial worries, etc.

Another reason is that since Centuries it is believed that Spirituality & Money are opposite.

You may have heard the following statements:


"If you want to Serve Society forget about money & if you want to earn money forget about serving society"

" You cannot serve two Masters - GOD & MONEY"

" I am not Rich, but i am spiritual & happy"

" Its my destiny to be poor"

All the above statements makes one realise that Money & Spirituality can't go together. but it is far from Truth. If properly understood, Money, Seva & Spirituality goes hand in hand.

This is where Spiritual Billionaire Mindset Workshop plays an important role to demystify subject to Money & Spirituality so that you can be Happy as well as Rich.


What you will learn:

  1. 9 Steps to be Very Very Happy & Very Very Rich
  2. 6 Spiritual Principles of Money & Prosperity
  3. Most Fundamental neglected Principle for Spritual Growth
  4. Most Fundamental Subconscious blocks to Money & Spiritual growth
  5. What Keeps a person poor, Middleclass or Rich
  6. How to find Money Making Opportunites everywhere
  7. Secret to Unlimited prosperity
  8. Why no amount of hard work will make you Rich
  9. Why no amount of Money can make you Happy
  10. Much much more.........


Key Benefits of Workshop:

  1. Clear Money & Spiritual blocks so you can be Rich as well as Happy & Peaceful
  2. You will have Excellent Relationship with Money
  3. New possibilities of making money will open up which you never saw before.
  4. You will be ready to live an Empowered Life.
  5. You will be confident that you can be Rich as well as Spiritual if you want to.
  6. Much Much more.....


What people have to say?

This workshop is a fantastic experience! I have changed the way i am perceiving my present life scenario, the way in which it promotes me. Rather than going for limited prosperity, will excel myself into unlimited prosperity. I strongly recommend to go through this soul searching workshop to all who are seeking a life of their dreams.

- Chandrahas Umrania - Interior Designer, Spiritual Trainer ( Mumbai)


I was eagerly waiting for this workshop since last 6 months & today i am blessed by the fresh wisdom about " Spiritual Billionaire". I received the complete clarity as to how spirituality & money(matter)  are connected to each other & it actually are one & not separate from each other. So now no block present in my consciousness.

- Sandeep M Chandorkar - Project Management Professional( Pune)


It is workshop that you must attend if you want a sustainable method to achieve spiritual & material ( Money) growth as well as to go beyond the boundaries of your imagination. But for that you must impliment the principle from the workshop.

- Sagar Munot - Textile Manufacturer ( Solapur)


I had a great time learning the workshop. Combination of Spirituality & Materialism is excellent. So much of pure energy & feelings with other participants & with you too Jitendra Sir, Millions & Millions of thanks.

- Umang Shah - Micro Financing ( Mumbai)


Opened up my mind, now hav a clear vision of life ahead & am sure it will be worth living. Will increase value for my customers & staff, increase my love account with family, Will bless money as it flows.

- Vinayak M. Sadaanganj( Bussinessman, Solapur)


There are no accidents in life. You have attracted this workshop by virtue of law of attraction. If it resonates with you & if your gut feeling says you to go for it, TAKE ACTION NOW. REGISTER NOW.

For any queries call + 91 8286000321 or email at


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