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About The Event

Beyond Time and Space into the World Undiscovered Aashwasan invites you to a space that has answers beyond religion, belief, faith, logic and philosophy – 

Spirit – U – All. 
Come and experience a journey …

Change is one of the constant factors of our life - be it in health, relationship, work, career or spiritual transition. The path, journey and manifestation of change is neither known nor predictable, which makes one feel uncertain, fearful and anxious. Some tremble, some freeze and some feel isolated and disconnected, having thrown off one's comfort zone. Such quandary and confusion can create resistance, emotional turmoil; health issues, stress and worry, and can take people into a deep questioning of oneself and one’s life. Unable to articulate what one’s experiencing, many a time, one doesn't know where to go, what to address and where to start...

Aashwasan offers Spirit-U-All™, an unconditional and non-judgmental space, to start a journey of enquiry so that they may open their hearts, look at life, bring out the most fundamental questions of life - be it on health, well being, relationships, career, family or friendship et al. Spirit-U-All™ is a forum created for people to come and interact with Aashwasan Science™ practitioners.

All those who are on a quest, come and find a way to your own answers...

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