Book Online Tickets for Sekhem Healing Centre Presents The Power, Jaipur. Sekhem Healing Centre Presents The Power of Goddess Sekhmet Workshop On 17th & 18th August 2019, 10Am To 5Pm(Indian Standard Time)
Venue:Hotel TGI Apple Inn Jaipur Rajasthan IndiaEnergy Exchange:INR 11000 Per PersonRegistration Closes O

Sekhem Healing Centre Presents The Power Of Goddess Sekhmet


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About The Event

Sekhem Healing Centre Presents The Power of Goddess Sekhmet Workshop On 17th & 18th August 2019, 10Am To 5Pm(Indian Standard Time)

Venue:Hotel TGI Apple Inn Jaipur Rajasthan India
Energy Exchange:INR 11000 Per Person
Registration Closes On 15th August 2019

Facilitator:Mrs. Vandana Sharma - The daughter of goddess Sekhmet herself and the most powerful healer will facilitate this workshop. Mr. Ajay Sharma will assist her.
About Workshop:The POWER OF GODDESS SEKHMET is a workshop which is being organised for the first time in the world to channelise the divine energy of goddess Sekhmet in a very unique style. This workshop is a sacred process that honours and strengthens your connection to the universal divinity within you through goddess Sekhmet. It will enable you to discover and experience the deeper truths of your own religious or spiritual path. This workshop transfers your point of reference from your head to your heart and helps you discover living fully in the moment.
The workshop experience will be unique and will give you more power to live a life full of health, wealth and abundance in every aspect of life. You will be having a powerful tool to transform not only your life but life of other people also. Life will be more beautiful after attending this unique workshop. You will be a power packed human because of a beautiful relationship with goddess Sekhmet. Limitless humans we can say. Your heart will be full of love, joy and confidence and will be with the immense power of truth. This workshop will bring you back to your true higher self. Your heart will be full of unconditional love.
The purpose of SEKHMET is very simple, to connect you with " The Source." When this happens your whole energy system is filled with the powerful energy of goddess Sekhmet and you connect with the goddess, or the universe. When it happens, it is usually a life-changing event. You realise who you really are. You realise what your real purpose in life is. You understand your "Place" in the universe. Goddess Sekhmet removes all things from your life which don't serve you any more any give you whatever is meant for you. 

USP OF THIS WORKSHOP- The main highlight of this workshop is that it will be done strictly under the divine guidance of goddess Sekhmet herself. This will be the first time across the globe that such a workshop will be taking place in which the goddess will be the guiding light. Moreover it will be facilitated by Mrs. Vandana Sharma - The Daughter of goddess Sekhmet herself. She is the most powerful healer of present time.
HOW IT STARTED - This technique is unique and highly powerful . We were working on it from past three years . Now we have got the divine guidance from goddess Sekhmet to teach people about this technique. So we have planned this workshop. 
YOUR ABILITIES AFTER ATTENDING THIS WORKSHOP - After attending this workshop, you will be able to heal yourself, heal others in person and at a distance. You will be able to manifest anything in your life. You will be able to get the divine guidance and plan your life accordingly. 
WHAT CAN BE HEALED - Any type of disease, cancer, heart problem, blindness, physical disability, diabetes, arthritis, mental disorder, depression, multiple sclerosis, or any other deadly disease, any financial issue, any relationship based issue or any other issue related to life. Any human, plant or animal can be healed. 

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