SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS (intro seminar)

SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS (intro seminar)


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About The Event

Conscious happiness can be shared,
Science of Happiness is here.

Remember those old days?
The days we got tired of laughing.
Fight for a candy was enough for day,
Climbing trees, flying kites were the games,
Hide and seek was the favourite play.

Things were limited, joy was unlimited.
Faciliies expanded, happiness suspended.
When the graph of life escalates,
Happiness from inside cascades.

With the aim of providing scientific tools to as many people as possible to be happier, Happiitude offers a range of services based on extensive research, from the fastest growing field of “Science of Happiness”. 

In collaboration with Berkeley Method of Well Being, California, we are Asia’s first Happiness and well being company. By utilizing scientific discoveries obtained from a range of scientific fields including positive psychology, emotion science, clinical psychology and neuroscience, Happiitude’s experiential sessions enhance resilience and savor feelings of positivity.

Now the happiness is coming to Delhi.

& we invite you in free introductory seminar of the workshop which would lets us understand much more about the benefits of this workshop, concepts & carrier advantages.

Free intro seminar details:-

Date 10 & 11 Dec, 2016

Timings  4:30pm

Venue Hindi Bhawan, I.T.O

Pre registration required.

Contact details:

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