SAMPARC Heritage Walk 2016

SAMPARC Heritage Walk 2016


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SAMPARC Heritage Walk

Bhaje Caves, Karla Caves, Bedse Caves, Lohgad Fort and Visapur Fort is not listed in the row of 27 listed monuments of UNESCO designated Heritage Monuments of India. They are situated about 100 km from Mumbai and 55 km from Pune.

Shri. Amit Banerjee, Founder SAMPARC and organizer of SAMPARC Heritage Walk on 27th Nov. 2016 at morning 08:00 am, aims to create awareness on above Heritage Property to make event as Glory of Maharashtra. He believes it is like Hill Fort of Rajasthan should be listed with UNESCO by putting Bhaje, Karla, Bedse, Lohagad and Visapur in the Heritage list of UNESCO.

The history from 2nd century BC till the period of Satabahana, Chalukya, Yadava, Mughal, Nizam Shah and Maratha history give the reference of long period of the above highly popularized ancient monuments. The great part is the Buddhist history from 2nd century BC to 6th Century AD of Bhaje, Karla and Bedse Caves.

SAMPARC the main organizing team working for orphan children since last 26 years at the footstep of Bhaje Caves for care, development and education of orphan children. The purpose of organizing the Heritage Walk is to create

  1. Importance on the Heritage Property for care development and conservation and to make the place important for Heritage lovers to be listed with UNESCO and get attention of State and Central Government.
  2. To enhance development of environment, tourism and culture for the benefit of the monuments, local villagers and community to attend international standard to create overall benefit for villagers, infrastructure, skill and management development as UNESCO expects in their fixed criteria.
  3. Overall to make the Heritage Walk for the cause of orphan children of SAMPARC.

The walker will walk from the footstep of famous Bhaje Cave which is known for its Buddhist Culture and education place of Buddhist monk. The walker will pass through Visapur Fort and will reach to Lohagad Fort, having unique history. The walker will enjoy history, socio-cultural values of Maharashtra and Marathi Cuisine. The walker will get a wonderful and panoramic scenic view of Sahyadri range. The walk will enhance the development of villagers and nearby villages.

The walk is for 3.6 KM from Bhaje Caves (SAMPARC Balgram Bhaje) to Lohagad where the Walkers will see various Maharashtrian Cultural Activities and throughout the road they will have Maharashtrian cuisine. It would be truly total 7.2 km walk for The Glory of Maharashtra by attending traditional, socio-cultural values and to feel the walk like a festival to enjoy existing History of the area.


SAMPARC aims to make the program as an annual activity and involve various heritage loving people, villagers, women group, Panchayat to make the walk known for National Level. Involvement of people from Pune and Mumbai from various corporates and Business House, individual with school and college students will be there for SAMPARC Heritage Walk. Website is


SAMPARC is a registered organization and Govt. of India awarded NATIONAL CHILD WELFARE AWARD for nonprofit organization working with the promise to break isolation of orphan children and facilitate them to reach a fuller life. We bring this change by involving community women, youth and children around our homes and create opportunity for our immediate stakeholders to improve the environment vocational and health needs. We have 7 children home, 2 schools for tribal and rural poor children, 750 needy community children for education support. We ensure excess to quality education, health care, nutrition value, overall safety and standards of sanitation without abusing environmental norms. SAMPARC website is  


SAMPARC HERITAGE WALK 2016: It’s a unique opportunity to learn about the heritage and culture of Maharashtra, spend quality with family and have a co-learning opportunity, challenge oneself to walk 7.2 Km on hilly area, have lots of fun and tasty cuisine. About 1000 corporate people and other Heritage Lovers, Students are participating in the walk. Most important is to connect with children in person and help support SAMPARC in continuing the good work.


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