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Note: The event has been postponed adn New dates wll be announced soon.

RUN FOR FARMER  takes pleasure in inviting your  to participate in the Running/walking, Cycling Event being held at Gachibowli on 15th  April , 2018.


 We look forward for your co-operation to make this event a Grand Success.


 India is primarily an agricultural country, and the farmers are the very backbone of our agriculture. But unfortunately, our real farmers are agriculture laborers. They are known by their very look. It is a look of despair. They look more dead than alive. There is hardly a line of smile on their faces or a ray of hope in their hearts. 


 The poor farmers without a farm live a miserable life. They work on daily wages on the farms of others. Their wages are too low.  They have a handful of children and a bagful of debts. They live in wretched huts. They cannot always get two meals a day. They have not even ordinary clothes to wear. When they fall ill, they cannot meet the expenses of treatment and medicine. So, for want of food, drinking water, good dwelling houses they fall ill and die in large numbers for want of treatment and diet. They are the worst victims of our society.  


 It is our sincere Endeavour to do a bit for these poor farmers, without whom we would not have food on our tables. We might not be able to reach out to the entire farming community but we sure will start with one farmer at a time and help them to maximize the resources available to them.


 Join hands by registering for a schools 3k or 5 k Cycling, Men and Women 3K or 5K run or a 10K cycling. The proceeds of this run will help save a farmer.


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