Rugged Sahyadri - Ultra Trail Run

Rugged Sahyadri - Ultra Trail Run


  • 50 KM

    Last Date: 05-08-2018

    INR 3500
  • 21 KM

    Last Date: 05-08-2018

    INR 2499
  • 10 KM - Fun Run

    Last Date: 05-08-2018

    INR 1599

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About The Event

About Event:

Rugged Sahyadri - Trail Race is designed for the resolute, vehement, and stout. The 50 km trail race is not any mere one; Ruggedians are guaranteed to take back stories to tell and memories to cherish. Rugged Sahyadri beckons Ruggedians to tread along a legendary route. If you are a beginner, making a comeback, amateur trekkers, adventure lover, or a wildlife enthusiast, you can also join the race for a distance of 10 km. It is a power-packed, and shorter race to provide the racers with a perfect blend of history, formidable challenges, and bounty of lush green table land.

The diverse and gorgeous topography of Maharashtra is the bonus for the Ruggedians to gear up for Rugged Sahyadri - Trail Race. The route from Panhala to Pawan Khind in Kolahpur, is a combination of craggy, rolling and steep terrain. The Ruggedians will race through the arduous hills, dense gorgeous green forests, rustic and dusty village backroads, green table land, single tracks and muddy trails. The trail could not be any diverse than this.

The race begins from Panhala – a place that often turns into a dream sequence with a blanket of fog. The incessant rains of the Western Ghats are known for making the trails extremely sloppy and muddy. Depending on the mood of the weather, expect rain, fog, and chilly breeze, that would create different filters along the terrain.

As the racers run through the trail they cross dense forests, where even sunlight fails to penetrate. The Masai Pathar, is a picturesque table land within 4-5 kms from the starting point of Panhala. The plateau flourishes and bathes in the greenery of the monsoon. However, the main attraction of Masai Pathar is the myriad of wild flowers of different colours and sizes that bloom in the months of August and September. In this hilly terrain of the slopes of Masai Pathar you will also witness numerous spectacular waterfalls cascading from the ridges, on your way of mission.

Gushing through the lush green vegetation, the racers continue to swirl their ways through the huge trees, standing tall and elegant, of the region. There will also be single track – extremely narrow stretch of pathways barely allowing only one person to pass at a time. However, the trail is not all savage. There will be farmlands that will come along the way of the racers, which they have to cross, of course without stepping on the yield. Trampling their way through the village backroads is an experience that few other trails would have to offer. The race ends at Pawan Khind. A place that is sure to take your breath away with its mesmerizing exquisiteness.

Ruggedian Sahyadri drew its potion of inspiration from the historical event of Shivaji Maharaj’s escape from Panhala Fort on a stormy and showery night. The valiant Maratha soldiers braved the enemy to save their warrior king – Shivaji, under the leadership of Baji Prabhu Deshpande, at Pawan Khind. The Rugged Sahyadri race track could not be anything else than the history embedded trail from Panhala Fort to Pawan Khind. The idea fuelling of Rugged Sahyadri is to combine the cause of fitness with the love for Maharashtra and its legendary chapter of Maratha history.



GPS System: Partcipants must download a link of route, the whole complete route will be put into an app to be accessed.

Date: 5th August, 2018

Location: Panhala Fort, Maharashtra (IND)


10 km (NON-COMPETITIVE / Fun Run)



And further sub categorized into age groups of 18-35 / 35-50 / 50+ (Male/Female)


Last Date of Registration: 1st August, 2018


Contact: Write us at or call us at +919623688883 / 0231-6688860

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