Retrospectives - Reinvented;

Retrospectives - Reinvented;


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Scrum has gifted a few Scrum Ceremonies to the world: Sprint Planning, Daily Standups, Backlog Grooming and the Sprint Retrospective.  The Retrospective is one of the most important and the most powerful Ceremony.

Retrospectives are required to learn from the experience and improve upon.  To beat the ever-growing competition, the Organizations need to learn a lot from their experience and change accordingly (Charles Darwin: Survival of the fittest).

If it is performed well, it can yield wonderful outcomes to improve anything/everything.

Over a period of time, the teams start feeling bored about the same Old Retrospective techniques so a lot of Fun/engagement part needs to be added to the same.

In the current times, Retrospectives need a rebirth otherwise Retrospectives will die and the Learning curve will die as well!

In this talk / workshop, we will discuss / perform some activities to add Fun to the Retrospectives while keeping these Effective.