Rangoli Workshop- History, Nature, Colour

Rangoli Workshop- History, Nature, Colour


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About The Event

Rangoli as an art and a living tradition has been popular with Indians for ages. And though floor painting was practiced in many cultures throughout the world, it has survived only in India and respected as a to day to day practice. It is very much a living tradition here. Floor art known as Rangoli in Maharashtra, Sathiya in Gujarat, Kolam in Tamilnadu, Chowkpurana in Northern India, Mandana in Rajasthan, Alpana in Bengal and Aipan in the Himalayan region! Not only in name but in meanings, designs, etc. each area has its distinct features! Attend the Rangoli Workshop to know more about this tradition and its history while making your day colourful with a hands-on demo!

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