Puppet fundamentals Workshop

Puppet fundamentals Workshop


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About The Event

Puppet Fundamentals


Duration: 2days


Objective of this course is to introduce students to what Puppet is, make them familiar with the core concepts, Master/Agent and Standalone modes, and focus on helping them get started to write Infrastructure as a code.

Targeted Audience

This introductory course is targeted for the budding devops professionals, experienced sysadmins who understand operating systems and linux/unix administration intend to use puppet to automate common infrastructure tasks such as installing and configuring systems, deploy applications, deliver softwares manage infrastructures at scale with ease.


  • Basic understanding of linux/unix system concepts
  • Familiarity with Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with a Text Editor
  • Basic Systems Administration knowledge

System Requirements

Laptop/Desktop with internet connection Base Operating System
8GB RAM ( 4GB Min) VirtualBox
4 CPU Cores Vagrant
50 GB Disk Space available  

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Setting up Learning Environment
  • Building Blocks - Resources and Manifests
  • Creating Reusable Code - Modules
  • Creating Dynamic Configurations - Template and Variables, Parameterized Classes
  • Defined Types
  • Puppet Master/Agent
  • Puppet Forge
  • Externilizing Data with Hiera

** Additional Topics if time permits**

  • Using Custom Resources and Providers
  • Orchestration with MCollective
  • Writing Custom Facts

Detailed Course Contents

Day I

  • Introduction to Puppet

    • s vs Puppet - Introduction to Deive Approach
    • Infrastrcuture as a Code
    • Puppet Overview and Features
  • Setting up Learning Environment

    • Introduction to the Tools - Vagrant, VirtualBox
    • Setting up VMs using Vagrant
    • Installing Software - Master, Agent
    • Connecting Agents with the Master
  • Building Blocks - Resources and Manifests

    • Introduction to Puppet DSL
    • Syntax
    • Using Puppet's Resource Shell
    • Creating Resources
    • Writing Manifests
    • Using puppet apply for standalone installation
    • Introduction to Node Classification
  • Creating Reusable Code - Modules

    • Introduction to Modules
    • Creating Classes
    • Class Naming Conventions
    • Ordering with Meta Parameters
    • Writing Nginx Module with File, Package and Service Resources

Day II

  • Creating Dynamic Configurations - Template and Variables, Parameterized Classes

    • Separating Code and Data
    • Overview of Templates and Variables
    • ERB Syntax Primer
    • Working with Variables
    • Inheritance
    • Automatic Variables - Facts
    • Parameterized Classes
    • Extending Nginx Module with Parameterized Classes, Templates and Variables.
  • Multiple Instances with Defined Types

    • Defined Types vs Parameterized Classes
    • Multiple Instances
    • Defined Types Examples
    • Enhancing Nginx to support Virtual Hosts with Defined Types
  • Puppet Master/Agent

    • Puppet Master and Agent Configurations
    • Logs
    • Puppet Enterprise
  • Puppet Forge

    • Introduction to Puppet Forge
    • Using Community Modules
    • Puppet Modules Utility
    • Installing NTP Service with Puppet Forge module
  • Externilizing Data with Hiera

    • Code vs Data
    • Introduction to Hiera
    • Defining Hierarchy
    • Hiera Demo

Example Code Manifests/Modules

  • Nginx Module to Install and Configure a Web Server
  • NTP Module
  • Windows specific modules for Puppet





About Trainer 








Gourav Shah




Being passionate about world of Open Source software, and then later managing systems at scale, Gourav has transformed himself to be an expert Devops Enabler. He has trained more than 2000 IT professionals from leading tech firms including CISCO, Intuit, Walmart Labs, Dreamworks, Accenture, Capgemini, RBS, Wells Fargo, Oracle etc. which makes him a coveted devops trainer. After heading IT Ops team for one of the successful silicon valley venture, he went on to launch Initcron Systems, a niche firm specialized in devops, cloud and School of Devops, a leading provider of devops education. He is the author of “Ansible Playbook Essentials” published by PACKT. Gourav evangelizes about Devops, Cloud and Automation Tools at various events, meetups and conferences. He has initiated Devops meetups in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi and is an active member/speaker at Devops Bangalore.




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