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About The Event

 'Pranic Healing is a Bridge to Spirituality '
-Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

What has happened to us? Where has our liveliness gone? Why everything seems impossible to achieve? If you ever suffer from doubts about yourself, then you are at the right place. Brush off your negative thoughts because we have the solution. The Pranic Healing Workshop by Navina Punj is the perfect opportunity to unleash your real power! 
Learn simple-to-follow steps in treating basic diseases by yourself as well as other people without touch. Train yourself in the essential standards and strategies of Pranic Healing; 11 noteworthy chakras and their fundamental concepts, distance healing, self-pranic healing, and much more.

Workshop Benefits:-

1.Heal your emotions e.g anger, sadness, fear, anticipation, etc.
2.Boost your confidence.
3.Experience Inner Peace.
4.Remove negative energies.
5.Attain Relaxation of Mind.
6.Helps in mending Physical Ailments.
7.Aura cleansing helps in expulsion of blockages from life.
8.Spiritual Detoxification.
9.Upgrade Positivity in and around you.
10.Connect with your Higher Wisdom.
11. Pranic healing helps in Soul's Transformation.
12. This course additionally helps in your Spiritual Journey.
13. Self-Healing Techniques directed towards certain worries.

Take charge of your life with the ever-inspiring white energy of Prana. Pranic healing is a way to guide your energy to achieve your goals in everyday life. The Pranic Healing Workshop will make you discover the ways you can re-stimulate yourself. You will take charge of your life and improve it on all levels like a warrior. Not only that, you will discover approaches to improve your relations, have a pleasant attitude, multiply your money, and end up being more successful in each part of your life. This two-day intensive workshop will heal your mind. It will uncover and increase your energy which was waiting to be discovered.

What all other benefits do you receive with this workshop?

1. Lunch & Refreshments.
2. Free Life Positive surprise goody bag.

About the Facilitator:-

Mrs Navina Punj is a Pranic healer since 2004. She has been healing all kinds of cases ranging from heart disease, bone problems, multiple sclerosis & mental illness, and several other ailments. Her hobbies include golf, swimming and going on long walks. She is dedicated to spreading the light of teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, who is the founder of modern Pranic Healing.

Date:- 10th-11th February 2018
Time:- 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM.
Contribution:- Rs. 5000/-

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