Pranatherapy - Level 1 : Psychic Skills Development through Healing - Level 1 and The Basics of Bio-energy Correction

Pranatherapy - Level 1 : Psychic Skills Development through Healing - Level 1 and The Basics of Bio-energy Correction


  • Pranatherapy - Level 1 Course

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About The Event

Vital energy is all around us in abundance; it is free, and it is naturally healing. Energy healing is such a wonderful way to help maintain our health, to strengthen our immunity – both physical and psychological, to make us feel younger, happier, more balanced and energised!

You will learn and practice universal bio-energy healing techniques: 

1. Practice in sensing energies - environmental energies and Human Energy Field.
2. Fun exercises to develop your intuition.
3. The energy body (the Etheric Double) and its aura.
4. Major and minor chakras (force-centres) and their functions.
5. Working on a human energy field:
(a) Energy diagnostics.
(b) Aura clearing.
(c) Methods of disposal of negative energy.
(d) Cleansing of meridians and chakras.
(e) Charging with Vital Force.
6. The Universal Healing Technique.
7. Pendulum work.
8. Steps in healing.
9. An outline of a healing session.
10. Important concepts in healing.
11. Self-healing techniques.
12. Practical application: energy help in common simple ailments and disorders - shoulder and neck stiffness, back pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, respiratory infections, etc.
13. Safety measures, and what to avoid in energy healing.
14. Signs of contamination and how to decontaminate yourself.
15. Rooting and alignment.
16. Principles of spiritual protection.
17. Rhythmic breathing.
18. What causes a 'healing failure'.
19. A 'homework' for a patient.
20. Remote healing.
21. Spiritual Healing.
And Many More..

This workshop is recommended as a master class for the practitioners of various systems of energy healing.

This workshop, which is based on Yulia's more than 20 years of bio-energy and psychic healing experience, lays a firm foundation for the development of your energy healing skills. It will enable you to help yourself and your loved ones on the road towards better health.

The students will receive the attunement for Pranatherapy Level 1.

(Attunement is a transfer of knowledge and energy by a master healer. It speeds up student's learning process. Attunement raises the level of vibration and strengthens the connection to the Universal Spiritual Healing Energy.)


Lunch, tea with refreshments and drinking water. You will also receive a 50-page Pranatherapy - Level 1 Workbook.

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