Positive Energy for Young Parents

Positive Energy for Young Parents


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About The Event

Positive Energy for Young Parents


Sarah stepped out of a productive meeting, she was beaming with joy, for not only bagging the project but also being showered with appreciation from her client, boss and colleagues, alike. She met one of her colleagues in the lobby, who whispered something which made Sarah drop all the files and run to her car.  As she drove home, she felt tears running down her cheeks. Her little girl was vomiting and was down with high fever since the last 3 hours and she was enjoying her glory at the client meeting. Her heart cringed with guilt. She remembered the first time she felt this way when her child fell on the floor as she was cooking her meal. A superwoman in the world, but such a failure with her own child, Sarah pondered.

Guilt, stress, anxiety, frustration, sense of inadequacy are all emotions that today’s young parents are constantly plagued with. We all live with blocks and as we grow up, they become fortified. Blocks, such as guilt, fear, shame, feeling of not being good enough, are some of the myriad emotions we suffer on a daily basis.  Adding to that, lack of support from experienced elders, high pressures of the competitive world, lifestyle pressures, peer pressures, are all challenges that have no readymade answers.


GapSkills Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd., in association with Mother Digest, brings to you Positive Energy for Young Parents program that focuses on 'You'.


Why attend this program?

Upbringing is ‘Preparing’ an individual to live a joyous & successful life; not just making them engineers, doctors, or educating them in top institutions.

We bring to you, a series of workshops that provides practical practices to shift gear into a balanced and empowering parenting experience, to nurture and raise uniquely creative and inspired children. Break your own barriers - go beyond your fears and find the ‘Inner Excellence’ that lies in you as an individual and as a parent.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for young parents who feel that a child needs more than just good care and education but would like to focus on their own self, to set an example for their children.  After all, a child may not listen to you but is always watching you. Take a step forward to free yourself of blocks and barriers you have come to live with and be the happy person you always wanted to be.


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