Book Online Tickets for Pharma Leaders 2016 , Mumbai. Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards (PLPBA®) is a top-ranked, global healthcare Awards meant to motivate & recognize the shining stars of the Indian pharma & healthcare industry developed by Network 7 Research’s team & its team of

Pharma Leaders 2016


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About The Event

Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards (PLPBA®) is a top-ranked, global healthcare Awards meant to motivate & recognize the shining stars of the Indian pharma & healthcare industry developed by Network 7 Research’s team & its team of talented researchers with a robust selection process & backed by years of Pharma Leaders experience in pioneering healthcare innovations through creative communications, initiatives & leadership drive. By leveraging the power of leadership to drive results that matter most to Pharma Leaders Professionals, Pharma Leaders Awards have been trendsetters transforming individual leaders, teams, organizations and pharma scientists. Pharma Leaders’s array of cutting-edge healthcare solutions is steeped in extensive research and experience gained from working with hundreds of thousands of leaders at all levels in different aspects of the fields. Ranked among the asia’s top healthcare leadership destination where talent meets with healthcare innovators, Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards are much sought after healthcare titles & pharmaceutical healthcare recognitions in the industry today where conventional norms are sometimes broken to give space to budding & unsung healthcare leaders who are often seen performing tirelessly much from the media glare, under tough & challenging conditions making our country proud.


The Theme of the 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Business Leadership Awards is aptly coined as “India @ 70, Patient First”. In an era where companies buy companies, brands acquired, collaborations formed, revenue models restructured, leadership strategies revamped, the brand india pharma is on the sound footing today. However, Healthcare innovations is meaningless unless access & affordability to the end user, the patients!.Patient First is thus the real need of the hour where 70% of Indian population can get medicines at affordable price & insurance is covered to all & not just to few pockets.

In a country where more than 70 % of 1.3 billion populations are still deprived of basic healthcare access & insurance, I wonder how we can discuss our competence as a global power-house despite our defense capabilities. Healthcare too is a very important wing like defence & there should be no second opinion on our priorities!.It is therefore high time the present dispensation at the central government should discuss comprehensive healthcare reforms by calling a special session of parliament to pass the bill that India has been waiting over the 70 long years encompassing total healthcare benefits through a universal healthcare policy where affordable medicine & quality healthcare & access are practiced in letter & spirit rather than mere sloganeering. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been voted to power in india after a historic elections in 2014, must understand that people of india voted decisively to the present establishment because of Modi’s reputation in good governance & people centric policy, in no way people will listen to the promises that can be made in achieving the healthcare mission in the pretext of 2019 general election if voted to power again. Since 1947, successive ruling parties at the centre have failed to deliver the long standing demands of “healthcare for all”. Indeed, we are at the threshold of historic moments in present day where we can shape the future, empower the patients through healthcare access & help building a healthy nation.

Against the backdrop of the present state of healthcare affairs of the country, Pharma Leaders, asia’s most analytical new media in healthcare communication is hosting a historic summit currently in its 9th successful annual editions under the theme “Pharma Leaders 2016 : India @70, Patient First” on Friday at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai, the 23rd December 2016. More than 400 leading stalwarts from the industry, veteran healthcare leaders, politicians, policy makers, social activists, change agents will gather to witness the most awaited event of the calendar year. Nation’s top leaders & companies will also be conferred with pharma leaders power brand annual awards in more than 30 specialized categories. Leading lights of the pharmaceutical & healthcare sector will address at the summit on topics of tremendous significance followed by heated panel discussions. 

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