PATH TO PROSPERITY - First Step To Soul Coach Program

PATH TO PROSPERITY - First Step To Soul Coach Program


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About The Event

Path to Prosperity -

First Step To Soul Coach Program

The personal Path to Prosperity is a unique path with all sorts of twists and turns, switchbacks and narrows. Our job at Destination Defined - Life Coaching is to offer inspiration and share with you the teachings learned & shared for prosperity consciousness, prosperity technology and the laws of prosperity. These learnings go back through the years. We hope they offer you support, inspiration, and insight on your own Path to Prosperity and we welcome your dialogue and feedback.

Do you know, you cannot satisfy your emotion all the time? It’s like a bonfire; the more you put in it, the more flames and heat come through. More desire will burn, more desire will come, desireless-ness is not anything but your own mental sovereignty. And that’s called the attitude of prosperity, the attitude of gratitude.

Your Path to Prosperity Program is a 100% interactive program to re-assess the current level of prosperity in your life, determine if that is where you want to be, set new intentions if it isn't, and map out your own personal path to realize those intentions. The only thing you need to succeed is your commitment to succeed.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."
— Henry Ford

As in the Prosperity program, experience tells us that sharing our goals and intentions with others can be a very helpful tool. It is commonly known to be helpful to leverage the support of friends whenever you are embarking upon change in your life. Whenever we experience success in our efforts, or whenever there's a doubt or a downward curve, a partner can help you re-align. But rest assured, it is not necessary. You may do this program alone, with one friend, with a group of friends, with a business partner, in short, with whomever you choose.

Its a 6 Step Program covered in 3 days with after support program for Interactive Meetup Group at Facebook, Whatsapp Group & Once in a month Get together to know where we reached & what is more required to be done. Its a community committed to Path To Prosperity.

Event Date : Oct 11, 12 & 13, 2016.

Who Can Join :

Anyone Who is Looking To Change in Life From Scarcity To Prosperity. This program is first level to Soul Coach Program which is also 6 levels with 3 Retreats to become certified to work as Soul Transformation Coach.

To change your life, you have to be willing to start. We think the minimum level of commitment to change your life should look something like this:

1. Choose to work with a partner or alone
2. Choose a committed time period. This is minimum amount of time you are willing to invest, and although you may go longer if you choose, you are agreeing that you will not go less than 3 days.

Benefits Of Prosperity Program :

1. Learn Processes to Path of Moving From Debt To Prosperity .
2. Becoming Self Empowered in Prosperity.
3. Moving on Journey For Destination Defined for soul Towards Prosperity with Autopilot Mode.
4. Empowered In Prosperity On Body, Mind & Soul Level with deep processes which will create prosperity on Concious, Subconcious, Physical & Spiritual Level.
5. Be Empowered in Health, Wealth & Happiness.

6. The change in All Areas Of Life is Never Ending Process. 

7. Life becomes Journey Of Prosperity.

What you Get for Participating :
Certification Of Participation, Manual, Tea, Lunch & Evening Tea & Above All Empowered In Prosperity.

Course Fee For Path To Prosperity Program : 

Contact at below number or email for details. Last date of Registration is Sept 20, 2016.

For Registration Contact :
Prior Registration is must with fees to join the Program. No registration on venue. 
Email :
Mobile : 09910781190

Destination Defined - Path Towards Prosperity.

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