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Workshop is designed to enable participants to experience and practice the skills of NLP and Coaching in their professional careers, as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement.
Who will benefit?
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About The Event

Program Overview

Workshop is designed to enable participants to experience and practice the skills of NLP and Coaching in their professional careers, as well as for their own growth, development and personal achievement.

Who will benefit?

You may be a student, business person, CEO of a company, aspiring Life Coach or a homemaker, you will benefit by attending this program.

If you are a salesperson: You will learn how to communicate effectively with your clients.

If you are a parent: Learn how to guide your children to a better future.

For business owners and supervisors: Learn the various techniques required to increase business sales and increase staff motivation.

For employees: Understand how to better control your emotions and interact effectively with other employees.

For students: Understand how to feel confident, and get better grades.

What you will Learn

  • NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs of Excellence)
  • The Communication model (Deletion, Distortion, and Generalization)
  • Sensory Acuity and Calibration
  • Rapport building
  • Milton Model (Conversational Hypnotic Patterns)
  • Application of Milton Patterns to increase your Business Sales
  • Persuasive Language to get what you want from other
  • Parts Integration (Resolving conflict)
  • How to become a Powerful speaker
  • Representational Systems
  • How to get rid of bad memories
  • Meta-Programs (Toward-Away, Big-Small Chunk, Match-Mismatch, Associated-Dissociated)
  • Perceptual Positions: How to understand others better, and avoid conflicts
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Sub-Modalities and applications
  • New Behavior Generator
  • Anchoring (Access resourceful states, whenever required)
  • Collapsing Anchors
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Creating New Powerful Beliefs
  • Swish Pattern
  • Fast Phobic Technique
  • New Code NLP State technique
  • Reframing
  • Time Line Basics
  • Coaching using Timeline
  • Aligning with your purpose
  • Logical Levels
  • Walt Disney Strategy
  • Six Step Reframing
  • Introduction to coaching models
  • Metaphors (Structure & Creation of powerful metaphors)
  • Meta Model (How challenge influence the constraints that people put for themselves)
  • Core Coaching Tool
  • Coaching with Values
  • Wellness Coaching Models



Why attend this program with Paul George?

Paul comes from a background of a vast volume of learning experiences. Not just from a career stand point, also from a personal life (Relationships / Spirituality / Friends) point of view. Given the experiences in his life he fought through a lot of negative emotions and unwanted states of mind. While you train with Paul, he will take you through how to successfully apply your learnings to your day to day life and make the changes that you have always wanted to make. And this can be done in each area, at a balanced rate. So, you can sustain a happy lifestyle! Paul has a great thirst for knowledge, and that thirst for knowledge helps him to get to the root cause of issues / problems. And his experience has firmly embedded his philosophy in him which is everything begins in the mind, triggered by a simple thought!


He is a CERTIFIED NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer, Advanced Life Coach, successful business person and used the NLP methodology to make big changes in his life! Paul is a great speaker on stage, and is able to articulate his thoughts and represent them in a way which will enable you to learn! He is a great advocator for “fun with learning”, so you can be rest assured it will be a fun-filled workshop! 

Why do I have to spend 16,800/- ?

NLP is a life changing methodology. Take a moment, and think back to the last time you spent 16800/- or less on something that really made a change to your life. Was it a mobile phone? A weekend trip? … How did you feel before the purchase? How did you feel during the purchase and how do you feel now? ... Well it’s the same logic just that in this case its 16800/- for a skill that can enrich the way you communicate to yourself about any decision you make in the future. So, depending on how you use NLP you can add any number of zeros to 16800/- to estimate the value of rewards you are going to rake in, provided you have goals to rake in such rewards…!! It also covers some of the operating costs such as breakfast and lunch, and a venue which bests suits a program such as this. It’s a classroom feel with a roof top ambience so it allows your learning to process.

This also includes your certification.So, post this program, you can rightfully use the title of NLP Practitioner and in future work on achieving higher titles such as Master Practitioner and then an NLP Trainer maybe and in no time a MASTER trainer of NLP! Who is stopping you? … besides you! 

Why should I attend this program?


Well, the real question is why should you not? This is a workshop that focuses on how you communicate to yourself. What happens when ‘you’ talk to ‘you’! Do you kid around with you? Is ‘you’ serious about you? Does ‘You’ have faith in you?

Does ‘you” really care about where ‘you’ are heading in life with regards to your goals and achievements? Unless you don’t have any!

So, I hope this opens up a bit more on why these 5 days does have the potential and capabilities to bring about a change in you! And in the way ‘you’ is treating ‘you’! 

What’s NLP? 

NLP is the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic – Programming. Yes, I know the very name in itself can put you off especially if you are not from an IT background. Therefore, it is more commonly referred to as N.L.P.
What it does is, it studies the way successful people live? What is it, that they do, that makes them successful? How did they do it? So, for example, if you have a goal to run a 5 K marathon or a 10-k marathon and you have no idea how to even start, your best option would be to go to a person who has done it. Now this is where NLP comes in, because it trains you on how to ask the right questions and get the most accurate answer from that person. And once you ask the right questions and get the right answers you can apply that methodology to your own goal, and achieve it! Try it for yourself. Start with baking a chocolate cake … even if you have never done it before… just down load a recipe, and stick to the instructions of that recipe. (for this exercise … try and pick a recipe where the ingredients are easily available to you). Measure each ingredient to the last decimal. Heat the oven to the exact degree as mentioned in the recipe. And I will kid you not, you will get the exact cake that is desired out of that recipe.

Come and learn with us… we won’t let you down! And our learning involves a lot of group exercises. You won’t be just stuck to your seat like it were a training institute or a soft skill coaching class.

 How will NLP help me as a person?

NLP will help you as a person, in proportion to exactly how much you want to help yourself.

You if you are a go getter, a knowledge thirsty soul always wanting to change and develop your thinking and learning styles then this will help you tremendously.

If you are happy and don’t need any help in improving yourself, finances, relationships then you can help others! If one mind like yours has so many thoughts … then you can help so many other people to deal with their thoughts of similar nature.

Why the sudden craze for NLP?

Well it’s not a sudden craze. It’s been around for over 4 decades now, and was founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

I look at it like this. Have you ever seen an orchestra? Isn’t it amazing how so many people come together, all playing their instrument to perfection in absolutely the right harmony and keeping to the timing and the beat. They stick to the right tone, and only if they are in sync will they be able to produce a pleasant tune. And for all that to happen they need a conductor! So, NLP is like the conductor of the mind! J

What value will NLP add to my CV?  

Well, now this is the most common question we get. So, we added it to our FAQ list.

It’s you, who adds value to your CV, because you choose what goes on your CV and what gets removed. It’s you who goes out in life and garners all the experience in your journey through life and specifically your career.

So the only value it will add to your CV is the value that you wish to add to your CV by doing a 5 day NLP program. This program will enable you to fine tune areas in your CV which may not be of so much value!


Is NLP a sustainable skill-set?

NLP is not a skill set. It’s a methodology that you can use when you think. It’s a framework of references that you refer to every time you need to make a decision …. So, for example,

If you need to make a career decision, or a relationship decision or a Spirituality decision or a financial decision – This methodology will help you to thoroughly question the motives and intentions behind the decision, which in turn will make you take a better decision.

Now why would you not want to have a handy methodology like that at your disposal? !

Are you sold on the Idea That the NLP Methodology Work’s? 

If we didn’t trust this methodology so much, we wouldn’t be here trying to offer you a chance to learn that methodology! It’s like learning how to drive… it’s good to know how to… it doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy a car? Or become a driver.

Just knowing that you can drive, will give you that confidence that you can buy a car, If ever you decide to buy a car J !


Is NLP like a cult? 

No, it’s not! And if that logic works then ‘everything’ in a way is a cult? Isn’t it? Doctors, lawyers, engineers, chefs, psychologists… I can go on and on!


Why is it a 5 Day NLP program?

 The reason its 5 days is because it allows us adequate time to explain the techniques to you. Also within the 5 days you will see demonstrations of each technique and you will also get the opportunity to practice it during the program. So, you can share your learnings immediately. Since this is a “Thinking Style” program, the 5 days enables you to adapt easily to the methodology and apply it to yourself, piece by piece.

NLP is usually learned in a live training format, because it is not a theoretical science. It is very practical and therefore it requires practice under direct supervision of a qualified trainer. The thrill to it is that it is easy to learn for everyone.


 Who are the people I can refer this program to?

Well, after you have signed up, it would be great to tell other people about this program J ! Anyone for that matter, anyone who you feel is stressed in some space of their lives. Either Career wise, Financially, Spiritually or struggling with relationships etc. In other words, anyone. I would also refer it to people who are going around in circles in specific areas of their lives, could be with weight loss, financial management, people who find it hard to make decisions about their careers, relationships even people who just seem to be doing fine and successful in every avenue of their lives! It’s just a methodology…


I have never heard of your progam, and how is that better than any other accrediting body ?  


There are a large number of national and international organizations that claim to be the definitive standard setting organization for Neuro - Linguistic Programming. Neuro - Linguistic Programming like so many other modalities (a particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed) has no official (government backed) body that defines any standards. There are many different types of Neuro-Linguistic Programming workshops and many different types of Neuro - Linguistic Programming teaching styles and any particular style is no better or no worse than another. Like all other modalities the training of an individual from one organization is no better or worse than training from another organization.

The qualities of an individual NLP Trainer are no better because he or she is a member of this organization or another organization. Nor are they any better because of the training and certifications they carry along on their name tags. The quality of an individual NLP Trainer has a lot to do with that persons’ background and temperament rather than the courses he or she has been trained on, or the organization he or she belongs too.


What will the typical structure of a day, during each of the 5 days of the program?

The session would begin at 9:30am! We encourage you to come early so it also gives you a chance to meet with other participants and share your experiences from the previous evening.

 Post the Morning session, with a tea / coffee break, which then rolls into Lunch which is from 1 pm to 2 pm. That is followed by an afternoon session, which then breaks into Tea / coffee and then rolls into day-closure at 5:00 pm.

 We have included lunch, as we just want you to be relaxed and not have to worry about it for those 5 days at least. Our menu is a well-crafted vegetarian menu which will provide you with a balanced & healthy meal. If you have any special preferences for food, allergies please feel free to keep us informed.

What if I don’t speak English? 

NLP is a thought-process methodology. Since this program is being conducted in English we would prefer that all participants are fluent in English, and also that their thought processing is done in English.

If you have a preferred language that you would like to be trained in, we can guide you to other trainers who could help you better.

 How can I give back to society?

That’s a question that we would like to reframe, and ask back to you? What can society expect from you after you do a 5 Day NLP Practitioner Program?

Well, once the 5 days are over you will have a bucket list of things to give back to your family, friends and the communities that you are part of.Trust yourself and make a decision!

Does NLP have anything to do with hypnosis and mind reading? 

NLP uses some of the methodologies of hypnosis, especially from a language point of you. Mind reading does not exist. If there is anyone that says they can read your mind, they are frauds! A skilled therapist can read your body language and other non-verbal signs and then interpret some of your feelings and emotions, but no one can read minds. A mind reader can do just as about much as a weather man can and that is to forecast! 

How will NLP help in making decisions?

NLP is a methodology, that will help you to process your thoughts & information in a more systematic way. And if any conflicting decision is run through this methodology it will elicit the pure intention of the decision. And if that intention is aligned with your goals … Then there is no conflict anymore. It’s only a decision!    

I hear of so many of such ‘life-changing’ programs, how is this one different? 

Well to begin with, what is this 5-Day NLP program being compared to? that’s an important thing to consider. So, if it’s with another Certified NLP Practitioner program … then it is expected that you do your due diligence to evaluate the substance in this program. What are the benefits, and how will this program add value to you! And you can do that in many ways, and most importantly with a ‘decision making pattern’ that you are familiar with working with. Although, just to reiterate, that This is a 5 Day NLP practitioner program which is being conducted by two trainers, one who an International Trainer and the other who comes with a vast experience of business knowledge. So, the level of learning, and the accurate articulation of theories with practicalities has to be delivered in a manner and style that is best suited to your learning abilities.

It also includes, exciting learning kits, good  lunch and a well thought through program agenda, keeping ‘in mind’ the learning capability of ‘the mind’! So, before you do decide against signing up, please do reach out to one of us and we could clarify any further un-answered queries you might have at this point.


I need to speak to my husband / Wife / parents / boss etc. What do I tell them?   

Well, for starters you need to be convinced that this 5 – day NLP program will add value to your life. Do not sign up if you just want an excuse to get away for 5 days from your mundane routine. Make a list of 3 attributes in your behaviors that you have observed and recognized and define an outcome for each. For Eg: - Anger management, Phobias, etc. Once you have that ready, and you feel you are geared to explore this methodology to help in changing your behavior… then you will know what to say to your near and dear ones.  A powerful thinking style like this will make you a much better performer in every area of your life.


Is attendance on all days mandatory? 

Yes. It is only on successful completion of all five days of training that a participant will be certified as an NLP Practitioner. 


What expectations should I set for myself after NLP? 

Well, a better way to look at this question would be to ask yourself, what are the expectations you have now and how measurable are they and how well have they been working for you. And after this program, you will be equipped to know better and calibrate your expectations towards your Goals and desires. 

 Is it hard to learn NLP?

With a name like Neuro Linguistic Programming, you would believe that this is difficult to learn. It’s not, it’s easy. But if what you have heard from others is that NLP is hard to learn, then the trainer did not make it easy for the participants to grasp.

The reality is that NLP is not difficult to learn. Of course, you have to be in the training, in the room and do all the exercises, learn the NLP lingo, and be able to read the scripts for the specific NLP procedures. Even if you had a bad experience and don’t consider yourself as a exceptionally good learner, during the training we can jointly induct a new approach for increasing your capability to learn easily. That’s why NLP becomes so easy to learn, to retain and apply 


Can a parent and child attend the program together?

Yes of course! We would recommend that the Child is at least above the age of 15 years.


What are the possibilities for me if I learn NLP? 

Well, your possibilities are already with you even before you learn NLP or sign up for this 5 – day program. What NLP will do is help you look through each of those possibilities with a clearer lens, and in turn helping you make a better decision on what to pursue and what to forego!

What do I tell my Family and Friends that I am doing? 

That’s an important question. When you say NLP the first question that they will ask you is What is N.L.P? And if you then go on to give them the full form … Neuro Linguistic Programming … you’ve lost them completely! What worked for me is to say you are doing a five-day ‘skill – embellishment’ program, which teaches us about NLP and how to apply it to selves and others. And offer to give them some tips after you have finished your program! In case they ask you, what is ‘skill-embellishment’? … remind them of the guy who sharpens knifes, and also remind them of how good they feel when you use a knife that has just been sharpened! Well that’s exactly what Skill – embellishment is! 

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