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NLP Foundation Program


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About The Event

The NLP Foundation Program is a Life Transforming experience of the Power and Magic of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming. This two-day program is designed to enable participants to fully understand and apply the basics of the NLP Attitude and Skills, firstly, in their own life, for their growth and Success and in their professional and work situations.

You may be an executive, student, businessperson or a home-maker. Irrespective of your profession, the NLP Foundation program is essential for anyone serious about truly fulfilling their potential. It will benefit everyone to live life even more powerfully.

Anyone who is serious about fulfilling her or his true potential can benefit from this program.

Some of what You will Learn:

  • An Increased understanding of How you and others Think
  • Increase your sense of Awareness
  • Develop your ability to notice, listen and sense unconscious signals
  • Operate from the principles of Success
  • Understand and identify Modes of Thinking
  • Increase your range of communication
  • Create more choices in your Thinking, Doing and behaving
  • Accelerate your ability to Install Powerful Beliefs


Upon successful completion of this course, one will be certified by the Indian Professional Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, (IPANLP) with a Diploma in Basic Techniques of NLP.

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