Naga Panchami Day Special Ritual

Naga Panchami Day Special Ritual


  • Nag Panchami

    Naga Panchami Day Special ritual

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About The Event

Naga Panchami - Live Webcast On 7th Aug 2016 from 6 am IST

Naga Panchami is the day dedicated to the Snake God Nagraj. On that particular day devotees generally flood the Serpent God with offerings. The festival is called Nag Panchami for it is celebrated on the fifth day (panchami) of the moonlit fortnight. This is particularly noted in the month of Shravan which falls on either July or August. Naga panchami for this year is on 7th August 2016. ures say that worshipping Snake originated as a custom from the clan "Naga" who is said to have lived in ancient India.

Naga Panchami 2016 Significance

Offering poojas and worshipping Naga during this period is of great importance for it is the time when the serpents leave their holes in the flooded fields and enters the habitations of men. This may cause several deaths and damages which throws men into great bewilderment. Performing this ritual will appease Lord Naga who in turn gives immunity against the snake bites and other accidents which might happen during this period.

This Homa will propitiate the Serpent Gods and Goddesses who blesses the devotees and protects them from serpent bites. This homa also protects the farmers who are more exposed to snake bites during reaping and harvest. On performing this Naga Panchami homa the Nag Devtas will be pleased who eventually blesses the devotees with ultimate protection from serpents.


Energized Amulet - Devotees will receive an energized Amulet which will protect the individuals from snake bites. This will mitigate the effects of Naga dosha and pitra dosha. Protection will be given from all sorts of untimely events.

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